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Skylar Russo Aug 22
Be the flora in this fauna world,
Flowering the front facade,
Fairer than far,
Fear not the flower,
Which floured these floors,
Full of fondness and flourishing bonds,
No faux flower will I allow,
Fulfilling our oxygen too,
Fate stands with the fauna and flora,
One day too,
Humans will recognize their forever flaming flu
Please protect our beautiful Earth by showing sympathy to the unique flora and fauna of this world.
Lilith Aug 10
There is freedom in the clearing of the forest,
where the sun dares to peek through the trees and your heartbeat keeps time with the pulse of the earth.
Close your eyes and let your back kiss the moss,
feel the way it grows to engulf your skin,
pulling to you down into its veins.

There is no need to be afraid anymore,
where the forest stands witness
to the rebirth of your skin.
Press your palms to the earth
and lean into the melancholy
of the dirt under your fingernails,
feel it rise and fall under your lifelines
and know that the heartbeat will play on.

Have you ever listened to the song that surrounds you now?
It has called for you,
pulled you in,
begged for you to gaze upon its melody and understand
that it has always been meant for you.
Let your heartbeat keep time with the pulse of the earth
its rhythm steady as you descend
under its skin.

When you open your eyes once more,
you will be anew,
eyes gazing over this world, fresh and naive,
but it will still be there,
its steady rhythm linking with the sound of your pulse.
It is everywhere
and yet, you know,
it is only meant for you.
Only for you.
Nilia Loh Apr 21
A little marimo moss ball.
Unfazed in its glass ball.
Just another peaceful sunny day.
To not go about and enjoy the day.

A lonely marimo moss ball.
Looking in a mirror on the wall.
Noticing nothing has changed.
Isolation is still here, untouched.
Blossoming in the
Snow globe are technicolor
Ornaments, inhale
The melting *** of sweet
And musky. Welcome, Flora.
Blossom with love and courage into the spring,
that is unalike the one before it, but none the less
full of growth and the sweet scent
of possibilities

Blossom in the light of positivity
for you have carried too much sadness
and cradled too much fear. Aren’t you tired?

like all things on earth bloom
Flower into your next life, naturally

Fluorescence is your call
tenderly guiding you wild flora
into the fauna where you belong
You too are that, which came from earth
and grows from light

Winter beckons a spring,
and it’s your turn wild flora.
Sean Achilleos Jun 2018
Mother nature is crying out
The ground is barren and cracked open like a festering wound
Too much innocent blood has been spilled by both beast and man
By our so called human race
Who has proven to be quite inhuman
We have filled your beautiful skies with pollution
Devastated the ground we walk on with explosives
Cut down the very trees that give us oxygen
While creatures both big and small are disappearing
The same way Love and brotherhood is becoming extinct
And animosity is available in abundance
As greed and the lust for money lingers on
We simply turn a blind eye
Therefore mother nature herself is retaliating against us
Revolted by our actions
We capture creatures from the sky and sea
And put them on display like puppets
Then charge mankind a fee to see
We have dug our own hole and made our own bed
For we have stripped mother nature of her beauty and crown
While radiation is all around
We hope to sleep safe and sound
Until one day a bell will ring and signal the end to this mess we're in
Then we will shout 'God forgive us for the fools we've been'
Written by Sean Achilleos 2016©
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Claire Hanratty Mar 2018
A little flower with white petals that sometimes turn pink.
An orange centre that withstands the constant extraction of those petals, with the pang and echo of tiny voices shouting
“He loves me; he loves me not”-
Often mistaken for a ****.

A girl who winces with insecurity
Every time the nearest dandelion clock is
Plucked from the soiled earth around her.
She watches with wet, reddened eyes as she is paralysed
(If being limbless can equate to such a feeling)
And unable to stop the careless children blow away Time as if it were some sort of lark-
Seed by seed.

A witness to the exposure of stalks and leaves alike;
A veteran of the unwanted embrace and, indeed,
The wanton thieving of petals and memories and silence and voice
She is swaying but explicitly not
Bending to the wind.
She stands her ground, and
She has blossomed.
adrenaline eyes
licking embers while they glow
during a fragile time
only broken by time.

but something clicked
with a frightening genesis
that roared, then turned over
on its belly and asked a favor,

"when you breathe in,
think about the things you need.
when you breathe out,
think about the things you can give."
Mi Mar 2017
Canterbury Bells
Canterbury Bells

The Belle of my eyes
Blooming the brightest blush
Of pink and white
Sometimes blue or indigo
Different colours
They all remind me of you
Anyone has seen this flower before?

— The End —