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Claire Hanratty Sep 2019
Gale looked outward.
Stared dead at the tyrant approaching.
The wind did not chill her;
She chilled the wind.
Haunted it.

Whenever it blew you could be sure
She’d be there, standing against it:

Standing like a poplar-
No, taller-
Drinking wine in the embers,
A tree that fought the enemy.

Cries carried on a breeze,
Watching the world
As it falls to its knees
Because Gale won’t be

She’s a force to be reckoned with.
Damaré M Jun 2018
Our minds will continue to race evermore. Most will circuit exhaustingly around the same tract; repetitively crossing the same checkpoints. However very few are ****** with the judgement of dissatisfaction even whilst nudging at the summit of enlightenment; he who will perpetually bring enthusiastic evolution onto society.
Claire Hanratty Mar 2018
A little flower with white petals that sometimes turn pink.
An orange centre that withstands the constant extraction of those petals, with the pang and echo of tiny voices shouting
“He loves me; he loves me not”-
Often mistaken for a ****.

A girl who winces with insecurity
Every time the nearest dandelion clock is
Plucked from the soiled earth around her.
She watches with wet, reddened eyes as she is paralysed
(If being limbless can equate to such a feeling)
And unable to stop the careless children blow away Time as if it were some sort of lark-
Seed by seed.

A witness to the exposure of stalks and leaves alike;
A veteran of the unwanted embrace and, indeed,
The wanton thieving of petals and memories and silence and voice
She is swaying but explicitly not
Bending to the wind.
She stands her ground, and
She has blossomed.
front and centered
about face
warriors unite
& win thy race
captivity is no more
a mire illusion of a mindless roar
subconsciously I'm fearless
reincarnation of a lioness
crawling from the abyss
of nightmares & terror
knowing that you here
knowing that you hear
knowing that you heard
my silent weeps into the night
no more freight
its always been alright
traveling through a dark tunnel, yet I see the light
keep going, keep on a going
victory is mine.
Javi Claycombe Aug 2014
I’d like to hear the silence of space

                    Count the people in my head

Organize the personalities
Separate the good from the bad

              Hear a new voice
       Because it’s easy to be sad

                                             Find the version of me
                                              That keeps me happy
                                                                ­                            Instead

Discover that voice
Among the people in my head

                                       That shouts          
                                                             Be good and Free!

Always reminding me

Have Faith that you were made

— The End —