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Nilia Loh Apr 2021
Friend energy vulnerable of honest.
When fulfils, they group feeling safe.
encourages thoughts of capable a trust.
Did this dada poem for a school project. Focusses on trust in friendships!
Nilia Loh Apr 2021
To depend we when;
Safe doing feel thoughts and can purpose.
Vulnerable trust what honest encourages;
Safe when fulfils family feeling.
Other depend.
a dada poem I did for a school project! This dada poem focuses on trust in family settings
Nilia Loh Mar 2021
The flower that bloomed during storms.
The flower that bloomed not in lawns.
Everywhere else, than the time at dawn.
But let it bloom again.
This time when the sun rises,
Away from the jungle fires.
Let it bloom again,
At the perfect environment.
Then, maybe,
Just maybe,
It'll grow into something beautiful.
Nilia Loh Jan 2021
It feels like I'm at the top of the mountain,
Unable to breathe again.
My body says it's cold,
Trembling uncontrolled.
I can't look at you,
I can't remember.
What was I saying again?
Oh right, I'm not in Antarctica.
But why does it feel like it?
Where exactly am I?
It must be Antarctica.
I feel like passing out,
I need to get down the mountain.
I feel like I'm dying.
The air must be thin,
It must be -29°C,
I must be dying in the cold.
That's why I can't breathe,
That's why I'm trembling,
That's why I feel this way,
I must be in Antarctica.
Nilia Loh Jan 2021
Why are you so cool?
How do you do all those things?
So elegant yet strong.
So simple but you stand out so much.
So gentle and kind.
Just another human being,
Yet so unique on its own.
I want to grow up to be like you.
A wonder woman like you.
Nilia Loh Jan 2021
The brief wind that blew the storm away,
Made space for the sun to awake.
A moment I can take it as my own,
Yet so fleeting it was blown.
Back to this storm I must bear,
my crown of strength I will wear.
Nilia Loh Jan 2021
Do you know your eyes glow like sunflowers?
Golden under the sunlight,
A reflection of your heart of gold.
Do you know your smile is as warm as sunsets?
Marigold hues,
Chased away the blues.

Oh dear marigold girl,
Don't be disheartened.
Your warmth that is neverending,
Melts the ice in this world.
So dear marigold girl.
Don't stop loving,
because this world needs it most.
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