I smoke more cigarettes in a day than I get
Hours of sleep on a
Night. I only
Take delight in speaking and
Laughing and
Loving with the one I adore most.
Lecture theatres are lonely-
Full of people but none of them know me.
I want to go back to where I was born-
Even Newcastle, though it’s not where I’m from;
It’s where I’m happy. The surroundings embrace me,
As do you.
I know that I can get though this.
My only sunshine
Scared. The
Only comfort I get is from knowing
He’s always there.
(Your love keeps me
Warm and

Ready to cut
These walls wide open.
Stop them ******* staring at me.
I think they
Mock me because they have
Adjacency, they have
Friends. I sit, looking
At them. They
Watch me-
(I escape and find peace in thoughts of
You and I)
My love helps me through everything; he is the guiding light of my life.
Twisting the cap off that first beer;
Always the best but made so much better by
Sounds of Purple Rain,
And those you hold most dear
Talking about
Music and food and
Times in their youth.
The crickets cheer as we
Reminisce in the 'here
And now'-
Relaxed smiles
Clear the skies as
Night falls, whilst
Stars appear;
Lightly dappled on the ground.
A poem about my favourite place in the world
I've been informed that this is
My last
Chance; the question is
My purpose in life and I'm
Trying to find
The answer.
I think I'm dying of cancer of
The brain. (Is that
Another phrase for
Going insane?)

Can't sleep
Can't eat
Can't smile;
Haven't felt this bad
For a
I hope this ends soon
I was travelling along a busy road-
Eyes opened and closed.
I had music in my ears so loud that
I could hear the sound of
Ringing with every note.
Way out of the window,
I raced the ****** train to Scotland
Up a dual carriageway and felt rapid
Time dispel all notions of
Going nowhere in life.

Then without a warning my world was jolted and
Came to a stand still.
The car was in motion but
I was trapped and uncomfortable as
I remembered that yesterday,
In your thoughtful, rash way,
You texted me from a tent in Leeds
Telling me that
It was over.

Grass looked so much greener on the other side
Of the glass, yet I was
Unable to let go of the past.
I thought to myself  
'This is not how I planned my life would turn out, at least not today'.
It then hit me that I can
Never plan to be happy because
On the days I plan to be happy I will Think of this moment and
Be sad.

Earth seems out of tune as
I lose the race through thoughts of you and
Begin to
Hate my favourite songs; I love you.
I should have known better; I can't decide whether to
Live my life and jump onto the train ahead or to
Jump in front of it.
I'm sorry I wasn't enough and
I could never be
No matter how hard
I tried- I know that *** loves a trier but
Could you?

I'm in a traffic jam now.
I watch the sun become eclipsed by the clouds and
I wish you were
Romance isn't dead but I sure am
Lying on a hammock, I watch the birds as they
Open their hearts and
***** into the mouths of their children.
Evening beauties, familial duties; I wonder how many will fly or die.
oh what a wonderful day
A mug of camomile tea is best accompanied
By the gloam of a late summer's day and
The distant bleats of young sheep,
I find. Peace lies between
Two silhouetted trees, black
Against a blueish sky.
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