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PJ Poesy Mar 2017
Starving for meaning, an agnostic
bruising grey and white matter,
choking on maybes and half-truths,

finds indifference too easily. Never
pushing further through, cloudbursts
condensate but never conceive rainfall.

Something and always something
more gives pause, upon bathroom wall.
Scribbled as an epiphany lightening bolts

eye-opener, and its leakage capitalizes.
Each tagger finding more prophetic
words to denounce anything mystical

or godly. So, what's being fertilized
beyond the tinkling drain of insistence,
slumps downgrade to ebb of sewage

reaching sea. There amidst flotsam,
aeon's class of power perceived become
one with Supreme Being, an ocean.
The larger meaning of things.
I am not Christian but I have deep reverence for the teachings of Christ and his love of humanity.

I am not Roman Catholic but I recognize the life-affirming power of community, communion, and ritual.

I am not a Moslem but I find beauty and usefulness in the teachings of Mohammed.

I am not Buddhist but I have seen the results of meditation, daily spiritual practice, and putting aside my own ego.

I am not Taoist but I have felt the peace of the way of simplicity and harmony with the Tao.

I am not ancient Egyptian but I know the power of the Sun in the heavens, and I honor the Holy Mother Isis whose name has been hijacked by terrorists and propaganda machines.

I am not Wiccan but I have danced with the natural cycles of the year and the moon; I have known the power of the Earth and my place within it.

I am not Jewish but I will not forget the lessons of suffering, wandering, Silence, and discipline they have taught the world.

Heathen. Pagan. Atheist. Heretic. Believer. Trickster. Demon. Saint.

Paradoxically, I am none of these things and All of these things.

I believe in a humanity that can transcend the enslaving dogma and intolerance of patriarchy and religions used against us, to see ourselves, our god(esse)s, and our highest noble values in the faces of each other and all the natural wonders of this universal dream.

Original Sin = the Original Lie.

I believe in the goodness and greatness of us all.

Won’t you be my neighbor?  <3
All the best things I ever learned were from a certain neighborhood...

— The End —