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ryn Apr 2020
They’d arrived in sheets
As thunder clapped up above
Explosions on earth
TheWitherChannel Jan 2020
I'm swimming through

The soft emptiness of sleep

And everything conspires

To get me out of it

(Feb. 2016)
Pax Nov 2019
I fell deep into your abyss
drowning into lust
I swim yet your torrent
drag me down under.

Beyond my last breathe
I resign to sigh my regret
I died in your arms
Loving you was my sin.
Painful love
rofan May 2018
as I sat there thinking about how love is a fairy tale
and now I ask my self is it ?
and even now the memory still here in my heart
so why dream did you come when you are leaving?
why do you bring a torrent of pain to my heart?
ooh if I was the moon to see you every night
ooh if I was the sun to light your day
only if I can go back in time
then I will stand there for hours looking in to your eyes
but why?why did I come to you?
and why do my heart fall when ever I see you or hear your voice?
will the tears and pain will ever stop
will the solicitude will stop to
but still the spirit  is still a spirit
hard as a rock  beautiful as the smell of jasmine
and the poem will always be the only thing
to stop me from bleeding
and to heal my wounds.
Beneath that smile
I  read  between the lines
I  sensed  frustration.
Shame  the need for my affection.
The look in your eyes  
The  drawn out  face
Red  cheeks
I  just knew your  life  
Wasn't  all  a bed of roses.

The long winter nights
Windy storms
Kept you hidden  behind closed doors
The thrashing of rain drops
Rushed down your sullen cheeks
The battle had just begun.
Jean May 2018
Nights like these
I even tried to take a shower
The water seems to calm me when it comes down in it’s torrents
like the rain
yet that hasn’t worked out the monster that my body tired
my stomach knotted
and my mind racing in unease
Nights like these
K Balachandran Apr 2018
torrential rain’s hands,
embrace swelling eager earth;
music of water!
Nylee Dec 2017
So brief the moment
but it started yet another torrent
bubbling emotions erupting
and all set to corrupt me

It confounds me so
but keeping it within so it doesn't show
this internal battle's lost
and its turning me to frost

A deluge of rain
making me so more emotionally drained
found no way how to handle
I need the glow of candle.

To subdue this instinct
difficult with all the reasoning extinct
I need another such moment
to break free from this connect.
K Balachandran Aug 2017
showers set the tune,
torrents drum on the high roof;
cloud burst change the tack.
Captain Trips Jun 2014
the lights in your eyes
sent tractor beams into mine
and brought me closer to you
one day after another
for the rest of my time

You wrench the lunch
and the broth slosh-
ing from within my stom-
ach and the sad sorry meal
I picked from the shelves of
an old cold cabinet.
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