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Noah Clark Feb 22
Living an unhappy
life with fake smiles.

A cowardly way to
avoid your trials.

Much like hiding
behind brick walls.

Your simply not living

at all.
Don’t hide, attack your problems,
head on
Johnny walker Jan 22
Laid In all my dreams of yesterday to where I thought always
Oh how wrong because
now she's gone from this world and
Never to see her smiling face kiss those sweet lips
brush her
Only now the crule realities of facing life all alone never again to lay In the arms of my
Cruel realities of facing life alone without my true love
lianverkoeyen Sep 2018
I am everywhere, the shadow remains of the girl I was supposed to be.
This amazing girl, full of life and oh so sweet. She whispers to me sometimes in my sleep.
I wish I could see her again, hear the silent voice before it cracks like a tweak underneath your shoe.
In the park without trees, I remain still. I made my bed, crushed underneath my anxieties.
The hope that washes away from me little by little, the sparkle in my eyes replaced by a deep understanding of nothingness. A hollow shadow that can only see.
I am nowhere not now here.
I once lived, really lived once.
But once is not here now and once is not me.
I am the shadow of something that was supposed to be me.
Jeff Gaines Mar 2018
Hello everyone,

  I'm so very sorry … I feel horrible doing this, but I have no choice. You see, I have published my first book on Amazon/Kindle! This piece (and many others) had to be taken down because they do not allow published material to be available online for free. (Go figure) I wanted to leave the shell of the posts because I felt compelled to leave all your helpful and loving comments. (Silly sentimental, I know), but I also didn't want to just have the pieces disappear without an explanation. I feel bad enough as it is!

  I owe ALL of you so, SO much for all of your reads, love, and support. It was YOU that gave me the gumption to FINALLY get off my **** and publish! Thank you all for the warm comments, camaraderie, and encouragement! I will still be here, reading, uploading and just being the Rascal that I am. How could I EVER leave you guys?

  The book is called “The Way I See It – FictionPhilosophySoul Food” and it will be FREE for the first few days on Kindle Select, so watch for it, if you are interested. I hope that you go and grab it. If you do, I would also hope that you find it worthy, you would leave me a good review. That will help me get in the public eye! Soon afterward (2-3 days or so), it will be available in paperback.

Find the book(s) here:

Or find the book(s), and all about me, here:

  Soon after, I also hope to have my first novel (a supernatural thriller), called “Wanderer” available as well!

  Wish me luck!
Big, Biggest Love,
        Jeff Gaines
Sad as it may be ... Sometimes bad news can actually make you an even better person.

I want to thank CementPoet for showing me how to have the courage to post this. Read him here:
Daniela Marie Nov 2017
There comes a moment
Fear looks differently
And my pain seeps towards you undoubtedly

I open my eyes
With reason to fight
My first chance at love is nearing in sight

Couldn't do it then
When it was just me
The quiet grew loud and I would just flee

I'm sorry my dear
I'm just not so good
Wasn't until now that I understood

I was lost before
No reason to try
Until your smile lit up my whole life

So if not for me
But for who I love
My reason to fight and lift us above
Shirley J Davis Sep 2017
I Am Not Afraid  
Many years I have fought the fight
Crying silent tears into my pillow at night

But a miracle has come to pass
I have begun to reap healing at last

It has been a long hard road with many pitfalls
I wasn’t sure I would survive at all

But I am a strong woman, full of power
I grow have grown in my **** for love of life by the hour

Has it been painless, an easy process I went through?
No, it’s hurt like ****, but what else could I do!

It was stand up and fight the feelings I held down
Or allow the pain to win, and in the sorrow drown

I hope to this world to leave a legacy of hope
To use the pain of my history of life as a scope

That people can look through, and grow
The freedom I have found, I wish them to know

I will proclaim my gratitude for those who have seen me through ****
I have watched, listened and learned life’s lessons well        

I am marching into my future, boldly joining life’s parade
Facing all the uncertainties of my future, and I am not afraid.
Many years of psychotherapy have given me a new lease on life. I hope to pass on what I have learned and leave a legacy of hope behind.
demosofpyr Aug 2017
There's a limit to your love  |  There's no limit to my love
Like a waterfall in slow motion  |  Like the floodwaters in motion, or
Like a map with no ocean  |  A vast and placid ocean
There's a limit to your love  |  There's no limit to my love
Your love, your love, your love  |  My love, my love, my love

There's a limit to your care  |  There's a limit to your care
So carelessly there, is it truth or dare  |  I thought it was there, is it truth or dare
There's a limit to your care  |  There's a limit to your care
There's a limit to your love  |  There's no limit to my love
Like a waterfall in slow motion  |  Like the tidewater in motion
Like a map with no ocean  |  Adrift on this calm ocean
There's a limit to your love  |  There's no limit to my love
Your love, your love, your love  |  My love, my love, my love

There's a limit to your love  |  There's no limit to my love
So carelessly there, is it truth or dare  |  You had it for years, these are my worst fears
There's a limit to your care  |  There's a limit to your care
Modification of James Blake's song.  Needed a retort from the other side.
they are infinite in number

from our most frightening childhood dreams
to terrible nightmares in our later years
born from guilt, disillusionment, trauma, shame

they glare at us all of a sudden

apropos nothing they flash into our minds
disrupt what little peace we may have found
in our busy lives

when they arise from their sealed chambers
undo the locks we put on them
    to keep them quiet and remote

we have to face them
    eye to dreadful eye
    face to frightening face

then   gradually


the closer our  stare
the more we are aware
that all these faces share
what we find hard to recognize

they look
    quite disconcertingly
like us

maybe we should
    rather than banish them away
acknowledge them  as what they are

the different facets of our selves
that we present to our world
from day to day
One of the many secrets,
for facing Life’s adversity
is a change of perspective;
adjusting the lens, we see

things from a Heavenly view-
whereby old problems are seen
as new opportunities, teeming
brightly, unsullied by routines

of dull, antiquated thinking.
Address all challenges head on,
without any semblance of fear;
employing some spiritual brawn

ensures that final solutions
can be found and implemented;
real satisfaction comes, when
by God, you’re complimented.
Inspired by:
Eph 1:18; Matt 25:21  and

"It is one thing to face adversity but it is totally another thing to turn our adversity in to an eternal opportunity to become who God has planned us to be in Christ Jesus through it all. God never takes us through a tunnel that doesn't have a exit, so the one most important thing we have to do through the ordeal we face is to look in to the face of the Lord and trust Him that He will bring us out at the right time. Remember, that those who look in to God's face will become bright and rest in Him like as a baby, because they will understand that it is for their eternal good that God has taken them through such temporal tunnel experiences that bring eternal dividend. You can never learn to trust God more and more deeply, unless you pass through the dark tunnel experiences of life! So let go of yourself and let God take control."
—Abraham Israel

Learn more about me and my poetry at:
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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2016, All rights reserved.
I am facing  those demons tomorow
Traveling  I dread.
Panic attacks is my number one enemy
I am about to face those fears
you are not in control
I am.
Because I will not let you dictate to me.
You will not have your way.
Once and for all I will refuse to listen to you.
You are an illusion of my mind.
Be gone
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