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Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
Nice people in social media
Right from vagaries of weather
Concerned **** of minors
Hue and cry
Enhance celebrity status
On payrolls of media barons
Plutocrats to hide their own crimes
Pseudocrats to gain political power
In real life *******
Hypocrites, double faced people
Actions behind the curtains
Opposite professed in public
Not a hyperbole
Call them diabolic
Nice people in social media
Bhill Aug 2020
who set the temperance in the square-faced clown
he was dancing and strolling and roaming around
he was scary, he was strange, he was really quite large
no one knew how he got there but he came out in charge
his hair was was chaotic, his skin an orange hue
he wanted to tell stories, all of which were not true
his stay should be over, in that fact we hope
the square-faced clown, it appears is a hoax....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 210
Cattatonicat Jun 2020
Feeling insecure?
That’s no reason to gossip about the others and be rude
Feeling two-faced?
That’s no reason to blame others and be rude
Have no self-respect?
That’s no reason to disrespect others and be rude
Have crippling self-doubt?
That’s no reason to doubt others and be rude

Rude to yourself?
That’s no reason to be rude to the others
Diksha Prashar Feb 2020
Long forgotten the days of love
When a mere touch ignited the fire of lust
A single gaze was enough to drive you crazy
Long forgotten those days,
When I was your Lady
Sweet smiles, single text drove you wild
Laughter soon faded,
When unveiled two faced monster,
Intimates talks just cobwebs of disaster
Now, onto your next prey
Recreating the same game
No heed to broken heart
Innocence served on silver platter
Long forgotten the days of love,
Which actually mattered?
In 2019 i had faced many
Good/bad situations

I learned a lot and
Day by day i revamping in myself.
Stay strong
memoona kazmi Jan 2019
sugar coated people,
we all are,
dressed up in cloaks,
cloaks of sweet words,
uttered by cherry lips,
inside those cloaks,
we are just humans,
on the outside,
but beasts from inside,
with our brutal eyes,
hiding our darkside,
it's not that,
i just am,
or you just are,
the bitter truth is,
we all are...........
Jenn Dec 2018
i'm a two faced gemini
and you were too
how could we love eachother
if there was four of us
instead of two
Phi Kenzie Aug 2018
When cereal is being made
and someone fumbles a batch
but doesn’t dispose of it
it can end up in your bowl

Not something to panic over
though you will
as it can turn the face red upon consumption

Not like leaving the gym
more of a tomato with a fever

Vegetation subsiding over time
left paralyzed in confusion
but still with a stomach quite full
Bryce May 2018
I bet the one who survived best
Was the one who did just enough
to spare the lash, but taste no ire
who slipped away when shots were fired

I wonder how they saw themselves
a rat, a man?
God knows what else

In thought as in plan,
in work as in bust

Everything is as was ever done.

On the pole                                                            ­                              

or down the slide                                                

Take­ a trip                        

inside my mind  

Put on a helmet
Because it’s about time
Long overdue trip
taken inside my mind
Harsh bumps and rattles
as you’re shaken about
Thrown off to the side
Possibly upside down
Bright flashes reveal
constantly changing sights
As they endlessly shuffle
and Attention will fight
Like a Black Hole's pull
Imagination creates
with ally Daydream
It’s a tumultuous space
The hurricane winds
which are prevailing about
chaotically swirl
Voices speak and they shout
No symphony music
More like honking of horns
The cacophony hurts
stabbing ears with its thorns

But then quickly a change
as the storm clouds abate
Switched to bright sunny skies
and a beautiful gate
Gave permission to enter
I’m escorted inside
Faces old and familiar
From the shadows they hide
Merrily they share greetings
Earnest smiles and with hugs
Showing signs of relief
Open hearts filled with love

But as quickly it turned
It is turning right back
Skies once golden and blue
Now a murky gray/black
A momentary transition
as we passed through the eye
Blinders placed on our vision
Unaware of the tide
Like a Tsunami wall
with its impending doom
Staring at it with awe
A Showdown at High Noon

These scenarios play out
inside of my head
Shuffling and repeating
Often wishing for dead
But that ephemeral moment
So brief, one could miss
when His Highness the Sun
gives each subject a kiss
The darkness flushed out
And then filling each heart
with a renewing warmth
Now prepared to restart
the cycle, the story
Whatever life gives
Many times seen before
or not something yet lived

This point fundamental
Give the credence its due
You will find that in life
many times you will rue
Beset by the shadows
and the difficult times
seemingly far outweigh
when you’re good or feel fine
Don’t feel down; don’t give up
It’s an infinite wait
Eventually time will come
All the anger and hate
Alcatraz prisoner
Now they make their escape
Freedom marks a rebirth
Superman dons his cape
Holding on to that strength
for as long as you can
While retaining the knowledge
We’re imperfect humans
Life comes with its struggles
And amazing times too
Simple gifts like a smile
Great things waiting for you
When it starts to look bleak
Feeling all hope is lost
Good times must be ahead
Cuz this battle’s the cost

Written: May 2, 2018

All rights reserved.
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