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Capriccio Jan 23
I wont be *******
Won't stay where happiness is lost
Will be free from anger soup
Finding my escape route

I stay won't stay angry
I just want to be emotionally free
All the fussing and fighting
Ain't that much it's providing

Because I know I can't stay *******
No way
Not today
Capriccio Aug 2020
So much of me is hard to see
Through all this debris
Thoughts that told me
No substance will ever control me
Thinkin' I'm finer than wine
So why not drink it all the time

So much of me is hard to see
Through slurred words
And fallen battles
Insecurities whittled down
To just shakes and rattles

So much of me is hard to see
Through lovers quarrels
Soon sadness feels normal
Then one comes by
To put that twinkle back in your eye
To give you back your WHY

So much of me is hard to see
Through it all I ask politely,
"Please help me."
Capriccio Jul 2020
Do what it takes
Make the best of your s*#t cake

Do what it takes
Break what you break
Even your own hearts

Yes, you do what it takes
So you don't shake
From another full day

Do what it takes
Capriccio Jul 2020
This empire's time
Is now to be built
Drop all the games
Forgive all the guilt

All the illogical, "The fact is this."

These are the days of
Witches who ride lions
With marvelous wardrobes

These are the times my empire rose
Capriccio Jul 2020
Be strong
Do whatever suits you even if it's wrong

Make your choices
Hold them firm
Soon  you will learn

Who you need to be
Capriccio Jul 2020
Every night
Sleeping with the fears
Every morning
Pillow soaked with tears

I can't survive
Unless you're next to me
Capriccio Jul 2020
**** yourself for me
Let yourself be free
Let yourself go
Only you and I will know

These are the places we will go
The places that that hurt
Degrading your worth
Don't you know you are not worth it

You will never be enough without it
Use it
Abuse it

Never quit.
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