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Zywa Apr 14
There's nothing to say

about God's infinite love –

it is a blessing.
“Last Friends” (2013, Jane Gardam)

Collection "Shelter"
Corey Boiko Feb 25
Do not set one up to fail,
   then let them go (if they do).

Giving love is
    letting one go.
Receiving love is
    one coming home.

Fantasy is mistaking
    one for both
    or half for whole.
Summer has past.
Seeds have long flown from the pods of my heart... My prayers in the wind.

I feel Autumn rolling in.
Like the golden hour of each day.
Peaceful, grounded, and still.
A little more cozy.

Celebrations of fruition already here and more to come soon.
The pod, empty, is both beautiful and uncertain.

What will gather and fill here in my heart and prayers next?
For the moment the space, the stillness, the receiving is heavenly.
Michael R Burch Feb 2020
The Receiving of the Flower
excerpt from a Mayan love poem
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Let us sing overflowing with joy
as we observe the Receiving of the Flower.
The lovely maidens beam;
their hearts leap in their *******.

Because they will soon yield their virginity to the men they love!

Native American translation originally published by The HyperTexts
Glenn Currier Dec 2018
Writing poetry is an exercise
in making myself rise
from ordinary preoccupation
to enter the realm of creation.

When I share it I am revealing
thoughts, doings, and feeling,
so I need not hesitate to share
or bore those who care.

A poem might not be art
but it is a letter from my heart
more than a quick posting
or social media boasting.

So if you do not receive a sealed letter
from me in the mail, a poem is better.
It is a moment of being bold
of sharing a small slice of my soul.

Getting a poem from a poet or friend
is an honor for me and I will attend
and count it a privilege worth prizing
a noble moment of the creator’s rising.
I see you for what you are
I will love you forever more
Your laughter
Your smile
Your unyielding will
Your peace making skill
Your love for me
Your anger towards me
Your smile
Your tears
Through the darkness
And through the light
Forever more will I love you
My darling I give myself to you
This was just for fun. To help those in need of love letter advice.
Brent Kincaid Aug 2018
You don’t need gift wrap
Tape or any fancy bows
It’s sometimes intangible
That’s just how it goes.
You can’t put in under the tree
Or hide it up in the closet
But the person you give it to
Will surely know they got it.

A gift can be hello and love
And sometimes goodbye
It can mean we’ll meet again
It speaks of the reasons why.
A gift is a token of one soul
To another, closing gaps.
A gift is a message of care
And maybe of hope, perhaps.

Some gifts can be lined up
On shelves for all to see
And others are invisible
But taken just as seriously
As a jewel you can hold on to
And feel it there in your hand.
Sometimes it’s a treasure
Only you can understand.
CC Apr 2018
There is a string of things hung with ideas as clothes pins
They take off the ideas and the string can't hold the thing
Memories are strands that if you pull it will never stop unwinding
The common person sees something in the little he won in life
The rest are rather useful than pleasant
Nobody received flowers or fame
If you could see now I'm dying to drown in flames
The love I've been placed through has to be the stuff of myth
It seems to hold back until the graze
The way it holds by taking
The way you hold by cradling
There's so much in me that you already know
I have a bit of wrinkles and the acne scars too
The whole of society sees me as living the dream
But the parts of me that people think are hidden are on the internet
See what the world knows
I should be aware of all the rules I've broken to be here
Then no purposeful ignorance can be said of me
There has to be someone who can point out the crumb on my lower lip
Rather than speak without the relevance of politeness
There's something about the way you hold me
That says you're trying me on
There is no transaction taking place
Treasure is most found on the map of my slow heartbeat
The calm before the storm siphons its way into my blood cells
Making me believe in the little I know as well
You have to be well read to read someone else's biography
You have no language if you only understand yourself
Take a bit off
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