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Annatman Jan 3
Please forgive me, and give me
A chance to redeem myself, for I have
Forgotten how, presently and until now
I've been surpemely, unspeakably
Blessed by your presence, your essence
Enveloping me is
the kingdom of heaven
Throughout and within, you therein
is the Queen, and I die for you -
When my eyes meet your eyes I am gone and am one with you.
Annatman Oct 2020
My body by yours,
Resting quietly, peacefully -
Like it was meant to be

My hand in your hand
Fits so easily, perfectly -
As if it was meant to be
Annatman Mar 2020
Moved by plentiful blessings,
My ecstatic soul sings
To the pulse of your essence,
Strumming on my heart-strings
Annatman Jan 2020
Roads, routes, coast, sand,
You never know where you will land.
Good company, a celebration,
Parting gifts - words of affection.
While gentle bonds between us grow
Some always stay while others go.
While distance between bodies grows,
To me you are forever close.
My love for you no distance knows.
for my dear friend who is moving on in her journey

I'll miss you but the space you hold in me stays
Annatman Nov 2019
Your touch; my love,
Like dawn, shines light
In my, tired eyes
Your warmth, the fuel
That moves, my Soul
Your voice; my calm

Simply, because
You breathe, like air
My heart, is light,
It feels: you're here
By me, and I'm
By you, my dear
Couldn't sleep; needed to write this
Annatman Nov 2019
Lately I've been feeling
Like a walking, talking
Feeling, not a Being.

Thinking about you, all that I am is
Loving, yearning, dreaming;
Annatman Oct 2019
When I pass on this life will have been
But sweet,
Not concrete
Like my poems:
Not perfect,
Yet complete
With stubborn attitude
I will have competed
With probability,
With humble gratitude
I will have submitted
To inevitability,
I will look back and see
My legacy,
Fulfil the prophecy
To repeat my destiny
To exist temporarily
And face
Till I flee
Time and meet
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