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vikas chauhan Jun 16
I want to indulge myself in a new color,
but the chosen color is not so colorful.
I want to go too long with my loneliness
but the path is not so wonderful.
I took a break, wait a moment, I thought, rethought
to again started my journey.
I found you there, with lots of happiness, elation.
Deep Breath, I filled up with energy.
I start my journey again, but it has not a destination.
my fantasy
vikas chauhan Nov 2015
Dad,you all always be mine super hero.
Now you are shining like a star in clear and cloudy sky.
Your Shine make me cry.
you are too far way from me.
I Can't reach to  you.
I Can't catch  you.
I always miss you.
vikas chauhan May 2015
I become a such song which is never sung by anyone.
I become  a flower which is never plucked by anyone.
I become a road which is never travelled by anyone.
vikas chauhan May 2015
My Words Ruined me..
But You Ruined my life.
You(God ) provides everything for other ,but not for me.
You(God)always  take me away from my real happiness.
You(God) never makes me complete.
I have Nothing in pocket ,if it have you steal it away
You(God) looks happy when I am sad.
You(God)makes me sad without any reason.
You(God) always makes me looser every time.
I become a victim of your this kind of act

My Hearts cry when you(God )Such thing with me
God loves me alot
vikas chauhan May 2015
Sometime,Somewhere when i walk on the road
I realize the things.
Start Counting the time in inverse way.

I realize that My Opportunity never comes for me.
I waited till last ,but they don't .
My Happiness never comes for me ,
I waited till last ,but they don't .

My Inner Strength become fade.
I become a  lesser bright,
I choose the other way ,my demon call me.
provide me the fake happiness ,fake opportunity.

but when the time passes  away my inner demon become weaker,
I become a stronger enough .
Suddenly when My real happiness and Opportunity  opportunity comes to me .
then i become a weaker to accept all this.
fake vs real
vikas chauhan May 2015
I am Cruel for every one.
I make fool every one.
How I accept you by knowing that truth
I am not  for you.
The God play Vital role in that he select me
and make me imperfect.
By this way i become a looser once more
My real life story.I know I am imperfect
vikas chauhan May 2015
Daily I open my e-mail
Check my inbox and search  horoscope.
There  I found new horoscope daily
I read my love horoscope there
which  Described Your and My love relation status.

But today when I open  my e-mail,check my inbox,search horoscope.
there is no mail related to horoscope.

I become worried about you,little bit despondent for you,disquiet
After waiting for long time.
when I press refresh button
I received a new mail
It is my Horoscope ,I become a happy once again.
This is all about my daily routine.
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