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Laura Jul 2018
Take me back to the night we met
When the day was hot
And the air was humid
The sky was crisp
And the clouds were nonexistent
Our skin spotted with sweat

My life was sprawled out in front of us both
My emotions were high
But you didn't care
You listened to it all
About my family
About my friends
About my random little trinkets
Things that meant nothing to you
And everything to me
You listened to it all

Take me back to that night
When we cleaned sticky **** off the wall
With Magic Erasers and Goo Gone
When we did nine loads of laundry
And you saw all the underwear I own
But you still didn't care

The air was silent
But we filled it with our voices
With laughter
With nervous excitement
Coming from the first date
Take me back to that night
When I first fell in love
In this dorm,
Where I first met you
I did'nt like you.
We were roommates,
It was weird 'cuz you're a guy
As time goes by,
We became close friends
But I did'nt realize,
I already fell for you

I wanted to confess,
But I was scared
I got nervous when you called me to meet up
What if you'll say "I have a girlfriend"
Negative thoughts came into my mind

I got to the place where you told me
I saw you, you waved at me
I asked you what is it about
You told me that there is this girl you fell inlove with
It broke my heart hearing those
You describe her and asked what to do
I told you to confess directly even if it hurts

"She is standing in front of me now"
Tears fell into my eyes
We kissed under the moonlight
Well, being under the same roof was'nt bad at all.
Sorry if it's bad. I'm not sure if it's a poem though but I just wanna share it. Hope you like it
trashcanpoetry Aug 2017
i fell in love with
the way you put your
pen to paper
so smooth, carelessly
and still so thoughtful

i fell in love with
the way you
looked at me when
you were around
your friends
it’s like im the only person there

i fell in love
when you ran to hug me
when the shooting was mid chaos
i was so afraid
but your arms were
radiating comfort

i fell out of love
when you brought
your girlfriend to the dorm
for the weekend
and she got all of
my attention

i fell out of love
because there was
never any love to give
for my freshman year love.
Lark Train May 2016
Whose pizza here, I do not know.
He's partying in the dorm below;
I do not think that he would mind
Me taking seven slices home.
Enjoy College, Class of 2016!
Taylor Ramey Dec 2015
Looking out the window,
The melancholy snow stops all.
The once bright city
left to die
smothered by the bitter cold
I crave the warmth
of a companion
someone to hold me.
It's never felt so cold
Remaining inside
Tomaz Dean Aug 2015
Wake up,wake up
It's Still dark,still dark
Wake up,wake up
Keep dreaming and keep snoring
For somehow the feeling was gone,
Four Friend is wake up,
Doing same thing,same thing
everyday in the morning,
left  the soul,left it
just a body that going to class
Wake up,wake up
but Already wake up
Souls is still sleeping at bedrooms
1 Sept
Mel Harcum Mar 2015
Some part of you is like the moon
softly glowing beside me on my too-small bed,
and the monumental loneliness you wear as a halo
must be a trick of the eye despite keeping me awake,
hunched over a folder of unedited poems at 2:45AM.
I wonder what the moon dreams of when the sun
tucks it into bed at dawn as your eyelids flutter
and your breathing hitches for a moment
before you roll over, face the wall,
parting clouds with a small sigh.
AvengingPoet Nov 2014
This party is happening
right in my dorm room,
I want to disappear completely like Thom Yorke
but I cannot,
I am the Wallflower,
Stuck in the corner
and nobody is willing to throw a conversation toward me,
Instead I sit and observe as usual,
Not saying a single word,
Just letting it pass by,
Questioning, pondering,
'Why are they doing any of this?'
'Would it not just be more fun to sit and talk?'
I cannot be wrong,
I cannot be insane,
All I want to do
is talk about books and life,
But instead,
This party is happening
right in my dorm room.
Scottie Green Sep 2012
One little window
my tiny dorm
To watch the sun rise
and then

Makes me miss my tree house windows
untoasted bagels
for breakfast
And a textbook
for a friend--
Thomas's 12th edition

One little
That keeps me sleeping

One little window.
That keeps me
so concealed.

One little window
That makes me miss home.
my dorm walls are so white white white
that i cover them in my paintings
so i can make eye contact
with something that can care
and i am reminded
of spraying quotes on the walls at school
getting busted
thrown in the detention room for a week
and scribbling still more
on those white white walls
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