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All I can hear is your lullaby,
Still I am wondering why.
I can see your face glowing,
From you, I'm here now without knowing.
Don't wanna see your tears,
I just want to appear in your dreams.
Stay safe everyone
Unity is needed in time of crisis,
We can beat this virus.
We need to trust than to doubt,
Don't let negativity surround.
We need to hold on,
Until it is gone.
Everyone stay safe! Listen and follow the government. Always wash your hands❤️
I always think of you,
When I stare at the moon
Wondering if you're staring at it too.
Why is it always your name that is coming into my mind?
I'm getting terrified.
All these men, but you still shined.
How can I forget you when you give light?
And that makes me fight.
Are you thinking about me too,
Or look at me the way I look at you?
The moon was bright.
The stars you are wishing,
Cannot appear in the light you are seeing.
They appear in the darkest nights,
It is not scary but one of the most beautiful sights.
You cannot appreciate the light,
If you haven't gone through the night.
The doubtness you are hearing,
Cannot compare to the success that is coming.
Always don't lose hope. You're gonna make it
A day when anyone can be lovely,
Giving surprises or gifts.
Someone wants a hug or just a kiss,
There will also be a couple that are lovey-dovey.

Remember it's not a day just for couples,
It could be between your mother or father.
Also give your heart with sweet colors,
It's important to have self love.
My heart says it's okay,
But my brain says it's not.
I thought about it again,
Telling myself not to fall again.

I saw you twice today,
Thinking my feelings already went away.
When you called my name and winked at me,
I know it's nothing serious,
But realized I still love thee.
Bunny :((
I looked at all my poems and noticed that 36 out of 141 were meant for you.
I just laughed and thought I really liked you.
Right, this will be the 37th one for you.
I tried liking someone else, but it always ended up with you.
New year is coming and like last year you were the first one who greeted me,
I don't know now but I know your heart is too far away from mine.
I'm gonna cut this feelings, it won't be easy but I will because it's too unhealthy.
I'll just leave everything up to destiny.
It seems like it's for you again huh
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