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There is no such thing as an **** art,
But an **** heart.
Every art has its own meaning by the one who made it.
Why did things get worse?
The harder I try to get rid of it,
The more it gets stronger, not just a little bit.
I thought I won't have feelings for you anymore,
If I try to get to know with someone more.
Break time, I went to the ground floor,
Thinking if I'll like someone more.
I saw you again that made my heart flutter,
But you were with the girl you liked before.
When both of you saw me,
You guys went with me.
Even if there was a bit of jealousy,
You still made my day completely.
Bunny :((
We're not classmates anymore,
But schoolmates.
I have always wondered if I'll have feelings for someone new who is my classmate,
Since we won't always see each other at this rate.
I have this classmate that could be a good candidate,
Tall, cute and fair.
I asked myself, "could this be it?"
But I didn't have any feelings yet.
Dismissal, it was eight past three,
I saw you sitting near the gate.
I got nervous, is this fate?
You looked at me, pointed and smiled.
I missed that, isn't this great?
It felt like you answered my question ealier.
Looks like you'll still be stuck here in my heart and no one else,
But we'll see.
The new classmate was really tall, I thought he isn't that bad but when I went outside I saw my bunnyyy and gosh. My heart.
Is what I breathe really air?,
Or a dust filled with despair?
Is what I hear the sound of a dying steer,
Or just a scream of fear?
I know that it is there,
But don't know exactly where.
I should be unaware,
Until a dream of an heir,
Will be drowned in flares,
Till then,
The one that remains shall care.
Muddled is a state of bewildering confusion.
Hope you like it :)
New chapter begins,
I'll try to be better in lots of things.
New school,
New faces,
New friends,
New teachers,
New environment.
Everything will be new,
But I'm not yet sure,
If the one in my heart will be replaced by someone new.
In this year,
Let's see if you'll remain here.
Finally senior highschool.
Will u remain here bunny?
Since 3rd Grade, I like you.
I don't know what you did to my heart.
First day of 4th Grade, I thought my feelings were gone.
5th Grade, you still make my heart flutter.
6th Grade, I tried to like someone else.
It got successful but why were you still the number one?
7th Grade, you still never failed to make my heart flutter.
As we keep getting closer, the pain became closer to me too.
8th grade, I had second thoughts if I still like you,
Because I felt it's more than like already.
9th grade, still thinking why I have feelings for you when you flutter and break my heart at the same time.
10th Grade, as much as my feelings grew deeper,
The pain started to grow more.
Ever since 3rd Grade,
I started to have feelings for you,
Also, the pain started to grow too.
What should I do..bunny :(
Behind those times,
My mind travels in thousand miles.
Behind those pretty eyes,
Are my tears that came from all those cries.
Behind those bluish skies,
Are symbol of loneliness which I try to hide.
Behind those rides,
I don't even know what my life defines.
Behind those advice,
Is myself that can't still make it apply.
Behind those white lies,
Is me that is still waiting for your reply.
Behind those fake smiles,
I'm still trying to look for the positive side.
Behind those sighs I make,
Are sleepless nights that keeps me awake.
Behind those closed doors,
Is me that no one will ever adore.
I had fun with those rhymes haha.
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