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PS Feb 2017
You know how there's a Doomsday clock that measures how close we are from a global catastrophe?
That's about as close as I am to messaging you on any given day.
very very close now
so ****** doomed, destiny defeated
we need what we please, not what is needed
searched for something new and never succeeded
we even said please and begged and pleaded

there can't be no doomsday deleted
we cheat each other, it's we who are cheated
more reckless reasoning is repeated
can't stop the cycle, nearly completed
Wrote this a few years ago...i know the word completed isn't used properly
Viji Suresh May 2016
If the world folds in today,
I would be the first to plunge in straight...
In an otherwise gray canvas,
Doomsday, a crunchy cream hard to pass..

At least there would be some action,
Other than the empty, shallow existence.
Wish to see it in broad daylight,
When the life is gulped out of few worthless lives..

Waiting! It is already worse here,
Why nature, you curbing your fire?
Lash out and gobble us fast,
Do you fear, as we are contagious lot...
Trust me, not all of us are bad,
Not counting the rapists, terrorists, psychopaths out there....

Hoping that this narrow path,
Leads to the land of Gods.
Where clock doesn't race,
Men walk at leisurely pace..
George Krokos Apr 2016
The doomsday preacher has a lot to say
about what’s going on in the world today.
He quotes the scriptures with a loud voice
so as to point out that we all have a choice.

He addresses his words to those who’re passing by
which is usually at times with such a piercing cry.
Some of the people stop and listen there for a while
wondering if what is spoken may not be full of guile.

The words that he speaks talk of fire and brimstone
coming down on us all unless we repent and atone
from the things we all do which are against the law
and accumulate sin barring us from heaven’s door.

He stands there alone in the street as if one transfixed
though the message loudly preached is not ever mixed,
and handing out certain pamphlets of the printed word
for any who care to read later what they haven’t heard.

Rarely does he pause at all during the time of speaking
but continues on for the sake of any lost souls reaping.
Like one long ago who was seen crying in the wilderness
preaching of those things that require God’s forgiveness.
Written in 2015. This poem recalls to my mind one or two people seen and heard many years ago walking along through the city of Melbourne whilst doing some shopping.
Daisy Arcos Jan 2016
Doomsday approaches
Quick now, bury your loved ones
I'll see you in ****
Tryst Jan 2016
Thrusting hands mime silent screams
Choking gasps of sorrow

Nightmares wake from falling dreams
Counting down tomorrow

Flint and stone and sharpened bone
Guiding paths once taken

Flint-etched stone and sunbleached bone
Remnants long forsaken

Dust swept sands across the lands
Where once fine cities stood?

*Our future held in fragile hands
Of those who know they could
Marissa Kohlman Aug 2015
It's one a.m. with yellow skies.
I peer above with fearful eyes.

What is this mess?
The end of the world?
An alien invasion?
A nuke unfurled?

Half the world runs helter skelter,
While the other half parties.  "***** taking shelter!"

And you, my love,
Are in group number two.
And in this moment
I wish I was too.

But you see the fear, alive in my eyes,
As they search and search these doomsday skies.

You draw me close,
So warm and alive,
And together, I think,
We might just survive.
Poem 3 in my "What Dreams May Come" Challenge.  If you are interested in joining in on the fun, please visit my profile for the details!
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