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Irakli Beria Mar 28
I know it's a difficult time,
Understand that you are characteristic
And so on -
- Despite being characteristically
You are still excellent ...

As for my current mood,
It is very similar to the last minutes of the apocalypse
Feel the love.
Irakli Beria Mar 18
Feeling - really emotionally
And filling
From solid, continuous rings
Consistent - Chain...
He can be saved
A ship destined to sink.
Agent Sea of ​​the massive desert,
Build a forest on the steppe...

My feeling disappears in the chain,
You'll see you until...
Irakli Beria Mar 15
I don't even care
That I am a garbage collector
But that
Janitor, it doesn't seem...
Irakli Beria Mar 14
Just dying
An epidemic is needed
That humanity
Stop each other
Learn to love.
Irakli Beria Mar 13
That you are far away
And you don't know me
Behold, I send you the feeling
Which I invented…
It's not abstract at all,
On the contrary
You can touch it
And felt his high fever,
Severe illness
Of course
Irakli Beria Mar 13
Man means himself
It is very similar to the sun...
One is the sun, it is possible to warmer
Second is the sun, global warming may be threatening,
But unlike this sun
You are the land,
This land is possible for the sun
It's functioning...

— The End —