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Anna-Marie Rose Nov 2018
This disarray in my head
is a unhinged reality.

Everything's unstable  
The plans become void
As always enabling each other, a destructive cyclone of dysfunctional
Homeless life
Pyrrha Aug 2018
We all hide behind the glass cages of our mind
Through the transparent jail we keep the order

I long to shatter the glass with a perilous thought
Yet none so far have been quite strong enough

So I continue to hide deep inside
These parts of me where no one can find

I'm not so shy, you'd see
In the deepness of my mind

I'm not so great, so organized
My thoughts would show that I am disheveled, in utter disarray

There is chaos here within my brain
You'd never know as I conceal the calamity on the surface

All these things going on inside
I hide within a pre-payed smile
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
To lay dying in a world of despair
A landscape of disarray meets their demise
A closure in despise, forgive us for the entropy
For humanity suffers from the perks of greed

Yet the gods watch us from above, they atone
Our prayer, our faith and belief
As we cry and weep as they pinch our cheeks
The lazy gods enjoy the ordeal as we grief

The challenge is to create a poem using 10 randomly selected words:

atone cheeks cry despise disarray entropy forgive landscape lazy prayer
Svode Dec 2017
I tried to atone
for what I've done
I tried to regret
but forgiveness has run.

Elevated to entropy,
forced to despise.

What more do you want
in this world of lies?

A voice in the landscape,
summoned by prayer.

Upon disarraying cheeks
a slap flares.

A lazy response,
A crying soul.
Regretting and regretting
as it grows old.
I had to use 10 randomly selected words to make a poem, try to guess which ones those are ;p
Carlos Oct 2017
Here I've grown to accept the riddles of each day, to culminate into a coalesced mesh of disarray.
Never would the seeds down under sprout to see the sun at the mere sound of thunder.
X marks the spot somewhere dissolving in my gut, wrenching at the chance to give both some and none of which we call *****.
I've lost my faith in humanity,
I've lost humanity in my faith.
Yet I'd face my fate if only just to sate the state.
This flip book of stop.
Assimilates fremescent assibilation,
And similarly tastes terrible,
Savoring like dry sponge, and tied tongues,
It's incredibly trivial, just a trivia of syllables stripped up to simple tools.
Simple tools.
Viseract Sep 2017
Every day is the same thing,
What keeps us moving,
The substance and the drugs that some keep abusing so

What is this world now?
Where is the count down?
If this is a circus then we're all just clowns!

The ringleader speaks and so think we must not
Instead we pop the pills that gives us courage once lost!
Amidst all the rot, flowers love me not,
Nature won't forgive for we have forgot!
Work in progress, so this is a lil' excerpt of sorts
L Jul 2017
The house is empty. As am i. I can feel the emptiness inside me.
     I love being alone. But not like this.
The feeling of betrayal chips at me
     threatening to reveal my true character.

     What will they think of me then.
I guess i thought wrong.
Raquel Butler Apr 2017
It’s odd
To be so intensely connected with one self’s interior…
To constantly bathe in past memories like sepia coated 60s reel…
To flip through emotions, cataloging their density yet being unable to see through the great complex field…
How does one have the entire plot?
How does one have all the development?
Yet lack the ability to articulate a proper character analysis?
It seems almost nonsensical,
To have all the experience but none of the memories.
Is it the time, a track not run all the way through?
Or is it a common oversight, a piece just out of view?
All this musing feels a bit inane,
These cyclical thoughts nearly driving me insane.
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