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What is life
Just an L letter to me
Yet here I am breathing like its where I belong
Living today at my best
Worried about tomorrow and the falls that will come along
I’m unaware of so many things that I let slip away from my sight
That’s why I lost my way home
To the woman I love and my family and friends
Like I have to wait for the stars to point North again for me to use my compass direction
Somehow make it home
I hope it’s not too late to apologize to those I wronged
Those I left with open wounds that never closed
I hope I pay off the debts that took me on run
That I become the son my parents will be proud of when I walk in the crowd
I hope all goes well with my soul that along the way never comes dust to take away its purity
I hope my face will still be in shape for them to recognize me as their own
I have no birthmark but I guess mum will know it’s her son when she holds me in her arms again
I hope my future is built on trust and truth for I promise to leave the lies in the past
Maybe then I will understand what life is
After it's done putting scars on my skin
Life is meaningless sometimes
No definition to it especially if it's mixed with good and bad experiences
however, after so many years of exposure, we get our own definition of life
Disappointments... Nothing new to me
As befriended me since age small
Along with me still though grown tall
Packed so tight as priceless trove
As taught lessons so complete each time
To face all odds and walk ahead...
To disappoint all disappointments !!
The words won't come out right
My feelings making my heart tight
I wish I can somehow get through you
If you only had the slightest clue

I cried behind your back
In agony, as you tear up my soul
I loved you even harder
Even when I looked like a fool

I never counted the things I did for you
But ******* I wish you knew
How much it cost me
To love you unconditionally
Heyaless May 2020
I've been sick for almost a week .
Everything around me seem so inverted .

This bed and my body started to stink of rotten flesh .
And thoughts disappointments made me more miserable .

YES ! I am disappointed
And this disappointment is like a illness
This time it sits inside me .
I didn't get it by my expectations .
I had buried them long ago .

Why did you tainted that beautiful
Fragrance we had .
You've failed in every area to keep my emotions treasured .

At the end ,it is what it is .
And I am getting my pockets full of disappointments without even expecting .

Just because we smile together ,  doesn't mean I am happy .
Everytime i try to get closer ,
Feel that feeling of pisthurism ...
Do you know what I smell ?
Burning faith .
When you lose faith , that quality from your beloved ..What remains ?
Mark Toney Oct 2019
There once was a man who

Thought he was a man but

He wasn't a man

He was a...
09/19/2018 - Poetry form: Free Verse - This poem can have different meanings for both men and women based on the perspective of the reader. There are many challenges that may come up in a person’s life. Sometimes we might not rise to the challenge to the extent that we hoped we would, or perhaps not at all.  The way we think and react to these challenges is going to affect how we feel about ourselves. What will we learn from our disappointments? Regardless the outcome, we are all unique and special. - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
annh Aug 2019
Her dreams to cherish,
Her disappointments to tell;
If Nature had words.
‘The Earth has its music for those who will listen.’
- George Santayana
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Heartbreak and disappointment
dimmed by the laughter that escapes
and jokes that are made
letting me escape
the aching pain.

Forming a defence of
flowing endorphins  
preventing it from sinking deeper.
Although I am sure by night
I would be a weeper.

Which is alright,
pain and disappointments
are a part of life
there is no harm to feel,
to acknowledge to heal.

But one must not dwell
for it is a part of a
better plan that
awaits for ones fate.
Tears on my cheek are of sorrow blended with happiness
Sea's End May 2019
False hope rolls my way.
Trust; For me, a rarity.
Please don't let me down.
It's getting harder to believe that things will get better.
Darryl M May 2019
Home sweet home.
Where would I rather be?
Stuck looking at my beloveds,
Oh why me?
This is an image I love,
but don’t want to see.
I don’t know if I’m in this world,
do I stand alone?
Eyes closed, yet I see the darkness of my future.
Eyes open, I wonder, is there a future?
They say dreams are a mirror of hidden desires.
I’m wide awake, what do I desire?
There’s no place like home, a place I’d rather avoid.
If I’m a blessing, then what is missing?
A sonnet on being stuck living with you family members (Mom's).
Darryl M May 2019
Beautiful sparks of joy.
A Sunshine of goals and dreams.
Matric, a dream come true.
A manifesto of purpose.

With all your glories and honor.
With all your jolly good times.
You didn’t tell me that after our love
had ended, misery was to come.
Trials and Tribulations were to persist.

Varsity is not as Advertised.
A place where your dreams
don’t mean Squat.
Life is not as Acted out.
Only the roughest dog gets the bone.

Why didn’t you teach me the survival of
the wicked?
So I could overcome my troubles.
Simplicity where are you?
Friends with my vision, but now I stand

Now I know who you are,
My Trick.
Matric is the final year of graduation before Tertiary studies in South Africa.
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