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Enzo Feb 16
Slow Down
Beware of falling objects
Sorry for the inconvenience
Exit this way
"It'll be finished in 3 months"
Enzo Feb 16
There can be no sweeter tongue, nor softer lips than the ones on your mouth as you say my name
Call me again
Enzo Jan 31
I fancy you
You fancy me
So we go to a fancy dinner
At a fancy place
With a fancy view
As far as the eyes can see
Everything is fancy
Since we both fancy each other
What better way to end this fancy night,
Than with a totally non fancy tongue-wilding sloppy wet smooch and kiss?
Enzo Jan 18
Ang hilig mo magbilang eh 'no?
Kung ilang beses ako lumalabas
Kung ilang bote ang tinutungga ko
Kung ilang stick ng yosi ang nagamit ko
Kung ilang tao kausap ko
Kung ilang bagay ang naitulong ko
Kung ilang salapi ang naiaambag ko
Kung ilang araw kitang hindi pinapansin
Kung ilang oras akong nawawala
Kung ilang beses ako nagkakamali

Binibilang mo talaga ang lahat eh 'no?
'Di ka ba nahihirapan? 'Di ka ba nagsasawa?

Samantalang ako, binibilang ko lang 'yong mga panahong pinaramdam **** mahal mo ako, at sa totoo lang di ko na kailangang magbilang-

Dahil alam kong minamahal mo ako simula pa noon hanggang ngayon.

Ang ingay mo talaga eh 'no?
Hayop ka, mahal kita.
Basta masungit, langit kung magmahal
Enzo Jan 18
Buong umaga nakapikit,
Maghapong walang dilat,
Magdamag na natutulog,
Araw-araw 'di nagigising,
Ganyan ako,
Patay na...

Patay na patay sa'yo~<3
Kapag kinilig ka, akin ka
Enzo Jan 11
You were my happy pill,
A drug I would chug down with sugar and wine
Giving me medicine for my sins

You were the substance to my life
The substance that I abused
Getting me high so I dont feel the lows
Knocking me out into sleep every night

With you, I was a ******
Always happy and all jumpy
Getting funky and needy

But since you've been gone I'm relapsing
Rehashing the feelings of intoxication
Missing it, craving it, wanting it, needing it
Rehashing it:
Missing you, crazing you, wanting you  needing you
Get high
Enzo Jan 7
Dear TV,
I miss you.
I miss your news and your tunes,
The action and the drama
All the colors in your boxy world

We spent hours on end with each other,
Tuning into you, pushing your buttons,
You're shaped like a square and to be frank you were quite edgy
But even so, I could watch you all day

I love you, but my parents didn't like it.
I spent too much of my time on you,
They hate how you're all I ever talk about
They despise your stories of adventure and love
They don't approve of your music tastes.
They don't approve of us

They separated you and I,
Kept us away from each other for so long

However, I guess we were too close,
You were straining my eyes
But now I see clearly, succumbed to the demands of my parents.

Dear TV,
I loved you. Goodbye
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