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Enzo Sep 15
umuulan nanaman
papatak na ang mga salita
tutulo na ang mga luha
dadanak na laman ng puso
mahuhulog nanaman sa’yo
pero di ka pa rin aabutan ng ulan
Enzo Sep 9
Enzo Aug 1
Moments split into split-second glances,
My eyeballs chase after your's, and your's after mine until we finally catch each other's stares
But even so, we never did see eye to eye, because we were never meant to 'see each other'
You won't ever see in me whatever it is that I see in you, because we're simply never meant to be
Enzo Jul 14
In our own pace,
in our own space
We’ll take our time,
we’ll make this right
Enzo Jul 10
Played me with your jazz hands
Made to dance to your whims and tunes
Losing myself within the echoes of your melodies

With your love song on repeat
My heart pounds to your beat

Swaying me with verses
Drunk with lyrical vices

Can’t get you out
Don’t want you out

In my head, you belong
Enzo Jun 26
Write it down
Write it all down

The way you need me
The way you love me
The way you want me

Ink it down
Ink it all down with tooth and nail
Ink it down with bites and scratches

Breathe it all into me, under my skin
Mark me with all that I am to you

You own me.
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