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Vyiirt'aan Jan 2018
It speaks to me with condescending tone
That all what seems bright appeared dull

The dissonance of the motor holds
What describes machinations of inertia

It is stuck, unrearing, for the voice speaks in muttering
The sepia tones, the most vivid showcasing
Of black and white.

It spoke to me with a calming voice
I merely accepted my fate and stabbed myself in the head
Vyiirt'aan Jan 2018
The mellow tunes when she slumbers
Hum that calming melody
Why soothing notes prevail
That cacophony of misery
To me, that sentiment of doubt lingers
As I remained in mystery
Melodious tones howl in the wind
To me, it can play forever
This enigma, the solemn symphony
Vyiirt'aan Jan 2018
Of many a leaflet falls, they flutter
They soar along the roaring wind
Through the skyline of tomorrow
They migrate to never return
The embargo of the golden gleam
Proved the world veiling pristine,
Serene demeanour, as traces of dull leaf
Dwindle past my feet.

         The tokens of desecration remained
         For prosperity left traces of the forbidden.
Vyiirt'aan Jan 2018
In the shade of the twilit sky
Incandescent embers rose and covered
My sight.

Its warmth trailing the contour of me
Yet what remained, an effigy
Blank carcass amongst putrid mess
Cracks in its slate, cavity ridden.

The hollow holes howled in the wind
As it exhaled for the last time.
Vyiirt'aan Jan 2018
White noise
Grey noise
Endless cacophony of

B own noise
Pink no se

Noises, noiss, no i sesss
No   ises
Noise s
Noi       se



Vyiirt'aan Jan 2018
The ceiling crying in exasperation
Amongst the silence the blanket of obscurity brought

Yet it was clad in supernovas of glee
The artificial constellations concealing the sky

The northern star guiding you
Towards the occurence of intention

For the newest spark of innovation
Rushes through the system of hope

As the sky exploded in elation in its annual spiel
The songs of prosperity embraced me

The astronomical certainty
Of an era anew
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Hopeless endeavour.

The desecration of vitality,
Melancholy entices the pond of hope, repelling golden shimmering.

Infernal tendrils bringing insight to carress in snide
Dug its sharp elongated thorns inside, mending its stride
Gently encompass its roots around the mask,
The concrete veil that shone brightly in false atonement.

Expulsion from the realm of gold, sent astray for an eternity;
Such naïve, brazen happiness, ignorant of the caveats
The mere playground of unbridled mania quarantined.

Faux manifestations of an illusory smile,
For the horizon cast mere wisps of blight,
Rejecting heartbeat of rays gone awry.

They smirk as they watch you flee.

eternity flee happiness heartbeat hopeless insight melancholy playground smile vitality
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