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☆ Smooth and shiny round marbles seem to roll around in my brain .
Each one of them happen to be a piece to the puzzle.
Like  a million excuses for why
Not to deal with my situation,
Letting this  so -called Can of worms
Unleash it's self
Into the world.☆
just a quick reminder to let your creativity inspire
Goosebumps appear right before
The sharp needle pierces my ivory skin.
This elixir that I crave to inject into my veins is arousing.

Happens to be nothing more electrifying or exciting to feel as a euphoria begins rushing thru my entire body.
Pumping the intoxicating elixir to my *** and down into my wet *****
This pleasure is so  complex it's extraordinary.

I crave Daddy's thickness deep in  my *****.

I need to feel him deep inside me penetrating my core
I can't help but explode as my cummies overflow all over the bed.
****** ecstasy, remastered reflections
Currently,  there has been so much craziness going on, that I don't have a clue what is really happening in my life.
Anna-Marie Rose Dec 2020
The way he holds me in his arms
The smile on his handsome face,
The look in his blue eyes
The way in which he smells,
The sound of his  gentle voice.

The sound of his laughter
His sweet kisses
Being wrapped in his love
Feeling the warmth of his skin
The way he always spoils me
he always calls me "Annie"
Anna-Marie Rose Dec 2020
Her fair porcelain skin was exceptiona soft and radiant
Her face a rare beauty
Those eyes a spectacular dark  green
Never mind the scars deep into her core
Because she remained the same every day.
So easy to trick her sanity
She chooses the  make-believe world

The manner in which they move around the room
His arms stretch out to he pulls her in
The dances that last all night
The pair seems to be a beautiful sight
The audience cheers
Applause all around
The clock ticks on by
In the enchanted  realm
It could survive the hardest  part
Growing old and forgetting the moments that keep her alive

Soon the world goes dark
As she sits alone in the empty room
Though she tries as she closes her eyes
She remembers it all
Twirling around
The star of the ball

Tears began in
to fall, Once again
Its all past
Reliving the continuous life that
She wishes would have

She opens her eyes
Touching her face and looking in the mirror
She once again notices the wrinkles on her old skin
And thoughts of him so near
Loving him so much
When he died so young
The only world she lives in is the one in her head
Where they are 25
having the time of their lives
And early morning hours
Around swinging here and there
Tripping and falling
And giggling and having a wonderful time
To be in love so young
Only nothing last forever time does move on
Her heart begins to break
This is more then she can take
She comes to the dance floor every evening after 4 pm
To pick up her granddaughter who practices every day
She promises her lover
To continue with her dreams
But she can't so she live thru her granddaughter.
Anna-Marie Rose Nov 2020
Often there seems to be a chill that does run down my spine,
I look to my Daddy to reassure me that
There is in fact nothing to be worried about,
But lately it just isn't that way ,
I know in my soul that something wicked this way comes and I fear that in this here land of the free,
It isn't going to be such Great place to be much longer.
As I linger in the moment and Think of this how the bizzare Election went down, I doubt my Daddy can stop the winds that have come change.
This doomed land of ours has almost slipped from grasp,
Will we be able to overcome this rage or will we fall defeat to the other side duality of this follies pride and watch as the beasts collide
Anna-Marie Rose Nov 2020
To the people who Don't know me
I hope that you realize that I am a princess with a problem
Feeling a loaf is issue
Upsetting it is so
I am under the impression that
Frogs are not princes and people are not
Beautiful beasts
But under these stars
I feel the doom light up the sky
And the government make way
So as little as I may be in this world
Notice the flowers will still bloom and the
Cats will still meow,
And I will still feel scared without
My daddy beside me.
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