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Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
I miss days we knew before
Both of us were free
Blissfully naive
Our lives were so easy

I took it for granted
Then it went to hell
Would give up everything
To again be under that magic spell

Back when each day was happy
Along with each night
A simple conversation
Occurred without a fight

I miss not carrying weight of the world
Weightless when we'd kiss
Those people we used to be
Would be shocked it's come to this

How did we let potential slip away?
Is this what we're destined to be?
Is it possible to attain
The future young hearts used to see?
Its true that you dont realize how blessed you are until those blessings are taken away
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
Lifes blood ebbs away
I'm sorry I could not stay
But life will go on
I was no longer strong
Even a diamond can crack
And no one had my back

Don't cry for me
Just because my body you can't see
I leave you memories, and love
And now this agony I'm gonna be free of

I've written it down the best I could
And maybe by some I'll be understood
My poems capture my life and torment
Put into this world for Gods enjoyment

With all this pain and remorse
I took this way out, of course
It's not the easy way out, as they say
I thought it through for days and days

My thoughts have formed a noose
And more pain made sure it wasn't lose
So now all I need is to step off this chair
And become so  unaware........
Kurt LaVacque Jan 2016
I'm not afraid of the way we use to lay
All alone, in the dark
When we used to stay up late

Whispering, kissing, loving
Holding each others hand as we fall blissfully into nothing
Not knowing whether we’d wake up in this bed
Or in another book waiting to be read

We speak softly keeping our touches on the edge of our seams
Creeping ever so softly until we’re too tired to sleep
Your grip is tighter, your breath is heavy,
My heartbeat races, and we’re getting sweaty

When I lay with you I don’t wish to sleep
The touch of your waste, your lips, your taste
Watching the stars collide in the reflections of your glistening green eyes
Holding you is too nice to waste

The way your touch sends shivers down my spine
Like 10,000 hits of ecstasy molecules running through my mind
It trickles out my pours and into yours
Leaving you with the feeling of my glittery warmth

We cuddle, we hold, and we stop
Now Im afraid
Because now sleep is stealing us away
For tonight is almost done
But before we fall blissfully into nothing
I just want you to know a little something….something….

I feel you…
I want you…
I love you….
Brent Kincaid Jul 2015
Here’s the good thing to remember:
I’m not all right when you’re not here.
When you’re here, I shine like diamonds
When you are gone
There is no sun
I disappear.

It’s almost like I’m half a person;
When you show up my life begins.
Wear a brave face when you’re leaving.
My world turns empty
And I have no cause
To smile alone.

Suddenly, the background noise leaves
And I hear and see only you.
What you say and do delights me
Even the little things
Barely noticeable
But fulfilling.

Lights twinkle then, in bright colors
And music seems to be playing,
Maybe I’m the only one to hear it
But it cheers me
Maybe only me.
I’m fine with it.

Maybe some would urge caution here,
To not make you my whole world
But I can’t seem to hear the advice.
It doesn’t reach me.
It doesn’t teach me.
It isn’t real.

— The End —