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i take your words
like they're seeds
and plant them
in the deepest
parts of my heart
so that they may
take root and with
time, grow into the
beautiful feelings
you had intended
them to be
gosh, you're so dreamy ;3
Love is a miracle and I take
It's a blessing so I hold it
It's a song and so I sing
It's a good memory and so I take photos of every moment I'm in it
It's a good taste of champagne that everyone wants on a party and yet only me can  drink from its glass
Love is a beautiful thing that God created and we are the living proof to its existence
Love can be troubling
a few misunderstandings that just test how strong the foundation on which it stands is but all that fades away when the two souls that are intertwined learn to embrace the shakes and make it stable and stronger than they imagined
Love is me holding you always both in my dreams and reality
Love is here asking me the question and I do know the answer
Do I love you
Yes I do more than you imagine
The story of love
Why does a cat live nine lives
And I live just one
Why do problems follow me around not matter how far I run
Why does the storm come when my seas are calm
Why will you take my life when I'm only living once
Can we do away with ****** and live our lives without no terror
What if

All we are living today is a story about our past that we are telling to someone
She said
"Solitude is bliss and that's why I have mastered the art of being a recluse" .

I looked at her
catching every nuance of expression
wondered what entangled her in thoughts of chagrin. She hated her life and she wished she had never been born.
This was a beautiful girl admired by every man in town.
Her eyes shone like diamonds
Her body was voluptuous and even the priests could fall for any temptation
Her curves were perfect like eight.
She was a **** adorable young girl I wanted for myself too.
But she was a woman with a broken heart
Who wanted space from anything that reminded her of her cruel past
So she ran away
People whose hearts bet broken sometimes want to be alone to heal and cut off all people in their lives because they don't want the pity and need to transition their lives from pain to smiling again
I'm in love with Sia
Each song she sings it's like she wrote it for me
I like the truth she puts out
I like that despite her sickness, it didn't prevent her from pushing on with her dreams
If she was a flower, my room would be a garden of flowers
She has a magical voice
I want my heart to always beat in unison with her music
For it gives me peace
Sia is a talented artist.
Her music is my solace sometimes
Tears of the sky
The heavens cry out loud
She's been sad for a while
And now let's it all out
Falling gracefully at a pace
The flowers set to embrace
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