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cameo in my story

Hard to be wiped off

No matter how toxic she was
'cause some stains are bound to stick
There's goodness in someone even when they wronged you.
Sometimes you will remember and smile and be glad you at least crossed paths
Her: It beats my understanding why you'd want to meet this version of me, like this.

I want to meet her because I want a life with her
Talking to her keeps me warm
She says loving makes her weak but that doesn't make her helpless
She's a strong and easy person to love
Every bit a man wants in a woman
I've fallen for her even though she's afraid to try
Wants to be close but fears she'll lose me the moment she lets herself fall much deeper
Sometimes I hate her for it but she's only human
An innocent soul with an equally fragile heart
"I'll let you meet her when I don't feel like I need a return ticket" is what she says
I could tell she's ready but still in denial
Even when she tries to push me away,
I give her more reasons not to
To say it more plainly, I'm in love with her
That's why.
If there were a child to come
She'd learn to love like her mum
And patience
She's worth the wait.
When you finally open up and talk about everything, you get to realize that the person you were looking for has actually been there and you just weren't noticing. The moment you get comfortable, the hidden feelings you've all been fighting start to regenerate and this time it's stronger.
He buried his pain in a pool filled with bees
Embraced the thought that they saw him as King and yet bees only have a queen
His skin felt not stings but strings of the sweet melodies that made them buzz and they never made a waggle dance for a new hive
He had a gift of telling them how to sleep when the world needed no noise
He woke them up when in his heart all that was left was void and needed a friend to listen and talk to
Those that saw him from afar thought he was cursed but he had no scars from the bees
He was just a man looking for lessons on how to love  and only the bees showed him how
The loner will be never alone
Phenomenal woman
You don't abide by the laws of gravity
You have defied the dogma and exceeded your horizons
You are a mention of love, peace and sincerity
You are my greatest gift
You have turned my scars into beauty marks
You have shattered bridges that would bring me to my shame
Endured my bickering and shaped me for the future
With you around I didn't have to be the chagrined child
I didn't have to battle my insecurities
You taught me that mistakes are made by every human being
You taught me I could learn from mine
And seek righteously
See i haven't reached my pedestal
Because to me you have always been my idol
Happy women's day
Happy women's day to all the ladies that have been instrumental in our lives and seen us through thick and thin.
You deserve all that life can offer.
Enjoy this day
Having you this close was the sweetest of feelings
I had a silence of expression but my voice was loud in my body language
It's why I hugged you tight and didn't want to let go
It's why I kept giggling at everything you said like it all came with humor
It's why I sat next to you
To feel your fragrance
To feel your breath on my neck
To hear your heartbeat
It's why I stare at those eyes at midnight for they steal the spotlight in the dark as the shiniest stars
After spending the day with your crush and you for once let her know how you feel
I like  calligraphy
It's more like how your voice sings to me
Beautiful and sweet
Is it honey and you have a bee hive in your voice box
Baby you got me locked up in an ice berg
What's strange I'm not freezing
This love warms me up
Oh God! I love how you make me
Happy and proud
I love you and will never stop
If love is something I'm catching its because you let me run after you
In the day and night
Flowers bloom and don't die
You are the crystal that's gonna purify my soul
Lay next to me baby mama
I'm yours and you are mine
Love you to the moon and back
It's forever loveđź’•
Compel me to love you more even when I don't love you less
My blood holds all the strength to help you lift this world in one hand
Kiss me with unusual fervour
On the lips ,on the neck
Let our bodies dance to the music of the irresistible touch
Let's live thousands of years and more
Not worrying about getting old for we still look younger in each other's eyes
Let's race with the wind and catch up with time so that it won't steal the beautiful moment at hand
Me and you
Bundle of joy
So make me a vampire too
When you ain't worried of each other's demons and embrace them as beautiful, then it's true love
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