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Phenomenal woman
You don't abide by the laws of gravity
You have defied the dogma and exceeded your horizons
You are a mention of love, peace and sincerity
You are my greatest gift
You have turned my scars into beauty marks
You have shattered bridges that would bring me to my shame
Endured my bickering and shaped me for the future
With you around I didn't have to be the chagrined child
I didn't have to battle my insecurities
You taught me that mistakes are made by every human being
You taught me I could learn from mine
And seek righteously
See i haven't reached my pedestal
Because to me you have always been my idol
Happy women's day
Happy women's day to all the ladies that have been instrumental in our lives and seen us through thick and thin.
You deserve all that life can offer.
Enjoy this day
Having you this close was the sweetest of feelings
I had a silence of expression but my voice was loud in my body language
It's why I hugged you tight and didn't want to let go
It's why I kept giggling at everything you said like it all came with humor
It's why I sat next to you
To feel your fragrance
To feel your breath on my neck
To hear your heartbeat
It's why I stare at those eyes at midnight for they steal the spotlight in the dark as the shiniest stars
After spending the day with your crush and you for once let her know how you feel
I like  calligraphy
It's more like how your voice sings to me
Beautiful and sweet
Is it honey and you have a bee hive in your voice box
Baby you got me locked up in an ice berg
What's strange I'm not freezing
This love warms me up
Oh God! I love how you make me
Happy and proud
I love you and will never stop
If love is something I'm catching its because you let me run after you
In the day and night
Flowers bloom and don't die
You are the crystal that's gonna purify my soul
Lay next to me baby mama
I'm yours and you are mine
Love you to the moon and back
It's forever loveđź’•
Compel me to love you more even when I don't love you less
My blood holds all the strength to help you lift this world in one hand
Kiss me with unusual fervour
On the lips ,on the neck
Let our bodies dance to the music of the irresistible touch
Let's live thousands of years and more
Not worrying about getting old for we still look younger in each other's eyes
Let's race with the wind and catch up with time so that it won't steal the beautiful moment at hand
Me and you
Bundle of joy
So make me a vampire too
When you ain't worried of each other's demons and embrace them as beautiful, then it's true love
A little sugar in my coffee
A little salt in my sauce
Will this life be any better
Without you in my arms
These days and night have been different
As the distance keeps growing
I'm trembling in the sun
As i keep sobbing
Baby what happened to our beautiful dream
The story of the knight and the princess
Where your father king but never approved our little secret
somehow you risked it all just to be with me
In the gardens we wrote poetry and painted pictures of how we would live the rest of our lives together
Waking up with you in my sight
Wake up with me making you breakfast
It's been weeks without a hello
Since the break up
I can't stop reading the letters
Maybe we just needed some space from each other
Maybe it's true we don't belong together
But who decided what we choose
Not even the weather
That's why i will run to you like a panther
I miss the old days and seeing you in my sweater
I miss you and its a call i can't ignore
Just come back home
Mend what's broken
Life without you is a dead end
This tells a love story where one of the parties is surprised by the break up and believes there is still hope for them to connect like they did before
Can you feel the sweet sun on your skin
Can you see its smile in the sky as it spreads out
Can you see the birds fly as well
Singing beautifully
Can you feel the morning you couldn't wait to wake up in from last night
Can you smell the sweet waft of morning coffee
Can you hear the noise in the city from car engines and welding machines
If you can
Be grateful
You have made it to a new day
Living in the tomorrow you promised yourself yesterday
It's a new day
Let's celebrate
Thank God for the gift of life in these pandemic times
I loved a girl once
She was everything I ever wished for
She knew how to brighten my days
Knew how to make me smile even when it was hard to beat the frown

I loved a girl once
We took photos and kept them in an album
Each time she was away
I could look at them and imagine she was near

I loved a girl once
She told me she loved me back
Did she?
My jealousy overrode me all the time
My mind was an architect of insecurities
And so each bright day got dark
Like our love flame was out of fuel

I loved a girl once
Yes I loved her
But that love was short lived
She walked away from me and never looked back
For reasons unclear
Only left me with questions
Was it love?
If it was, was it true or fake
Because it withered so fast without the sun even being harsh on it.
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