Bethie 1d
These words that I write
The poems I make
They come from a lie
Like laughter I fake

Did that sound just right?
My grammar's ok?
The simile's in place?
I'm feeling afraid

I get so much praise
"Your poetry's great!"
Well thanks, but I'm sure
That it's just second-rate

I write what I feel
I feel much inside
My insides are death,
Corrupt as my mind

I hate all my thoughts
The words in my head
They strip me of life
And leave me for dead

The words that I think
Translate into fear
I'll spit them right out
And leave them right here
Bethie Aug 30
"I wish the rain would pass us by,"
They say as droplets fall from high
I nod my head as if to say
I think so too, but as it may
I love the rain, the life it gives
The way it makes me want to live
Inside my head, so deep inside
I murmer out an "I don't mind,"

"This freezing cold is hard to bear,"
They say with hats upon their hair
I smile back, pretend to be
What they seem to expect of me
But where the cold is colder still
Inside my mind, the freezing chill
I whisper back my icy side
"But I don't mind, no, I don't mind,"

"I can't stand when I'm all alone,"
They cry out with a striking moan
I laugh inside but nod my head
(Their trifling ways are better fed)
This time I whisper oh so slight
An, "I don't mind, no I don't mind,"

These people, they don't understand
That life does not go as it's planned
And we can choose our path we take
And sometimes ones that we don't make
So take your path, and you will find
That you don't mind, no, you don't mind
Bethie Aug 30
I'll never live in the city
In the crowds and the bustle
I'd never ever trade my home
For the traffic and the hustle
• • •
I'd miss my ol dirt road
I'd miss the country air
Just being in the city
Makes me country-er, I swear
• • •
I'm really not a hic
But being in the city
Makes even country music
Go from ugly to quite pretty
• • •
That being said, I have to say
That cities aren't so bad
It's just that I'm a country girl
And home is where I'm glad
Bethie Aug 29
I told you just last night
That I am close to you
Not only as a person,
But terms of distance too

We have three days to go
Until we meet at last
I can only hope and pray
Those three days happen fast

The day is coming soon
I'll wait and wait for then
And when those days are over
I'll see you once again
Bethie Aug 28
I kinda thought that you were gone
For good, and it was true
Until I flew 1,000 miles
So I could just see you

It wasn't planned far in advance
(I knew two days before)
I saw I had the perfect chance
And needed nothing more

So here I am, so close to you
Though you have not a clue
That I would fly 1,000 miles
So I could just see you
see you soon friend
Bethie Aug 18
I used to say I wanted friends
To have a person to the end

I got my wish, just this past year
But now that wish has changed, I fear

For in my life these people came
And then they left me still the same

So now my wish has changed, you see
I still want friends, but I want them near to me
Bethie Aug 13
Ah, this pain I feel inside
Is worse than I can say
I want you here and close to me
But far away you stay

I miss your voice, the words you say
I miss your melting smile
I miss your open, constant laugh
My friend, it's been awhile

I thought this hurt would leave with time
But with me it remains
I want to see you here again
To rid me of my pain

I hate to say it now, my friend
But more we could become
If closer we could only be
This thought, it makes me glum

I know you have your different life
And also as do I
But somehow, someway could those mix?
I don't mean here to pry

You know I like you very much
And I know you like me
It hurts my heart to think of all
The things that we could be

I'm sorry friend, I'll leave it be
No longer will I strain
I'll let us live our separate lives
I'll suffer through the pain
Long distance relationships suck.
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