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Bethie Jan 25
My greatest fear, I've just now found
Is not of snakes or dark
It's not of even ghosts or death
Or of pain that leaves a mark

My greatest fear occurred to me
While I was out with friends
They wanted to go out to eat
But my curfew made that end

They said they might go anyway
For time was fading fast
It stuck me then, just standing there:
My fear, I saw at last

My fear is not of hurt or pain
It's not of lonely sorrow
My fear is getting left behind
While the world goes to tomorrow
Bethie Jan 20
I don't know what to think
I don't know what to say
I never thought it'd happen
But it happened just today

I've liked him all these years
I watched and loved and prayed
He never, ever noticed me
So I lingered, quite dismayed

But now the tide had changed
And pulled me right along
So here I document the change
In this poem, my heart's song

It seems he saw me watching
It seems he sensed my love
It seems an even greater one
Heard my praying from above

So I don't know what to think
And I don't know what to say
I never thought it'd happen
Yet it happened just today
He asked me out, he really did
Bethie Nov 2018
I said this year I'm done with boys
I'm done with all this emo noise
And let's just say it worked quite well
But now it won't, as I will tell

I gave up all my childish loves
I set them free like they were doves
They flew away and left me here
I was content in this past year

The ones I liked became estranged
But now it seems the times have changed
For even as I left them be
They now come running up to ME

They cower under my commands
Do all my freaking dumb demands
I hate the every part of it
And now I think I'm going to quit

Before I go I have to say
If you want boys near you to beg
Just give up all your previous loves-
They'll fly right back like stupid doves
The irony isn't funny one bit
Bethie Nov 2018
I have a curse, I have a friend
And Solitude's the name
He makes me wish I had an end
To playing this cruel game

He keeps me under his own wings
From him I never stray
He's my friend now, and though it stings
I go to him each day

He lets the wind come push me down
He tells the rain to pour
And even if I make a sound
It's silence, nothing more

He's my friend now, my only one, and for a time I've known
That even if I knew the world, with him I'm still alone
The reverse of part one
Bethie Nov 2018
I can't keep doing this every day
I can't keep this charade
I need to see You here with me
To see why I was made

I know You're up there in the sky
I know You love me so
I scream for You to take me out
I'm drowning down below

I stretch my hands to touch Your face
I strain so hard I cry
But even though I try my best
I can't. You're up too high

So now I lay here on the floor
A mess of dark and light
The light so dim I fear it's death
As daytime turns to night

I sleep the night away so numb
I can't see right from wrong
I sin and sin and sin and sin
And then, I hear Your song

It wakes me from darkened trance
I see how far I've run
I feel the light that comes with day
With light I see the Sun

And once again I live my life
Until at once I don't
I reach for you, but fall asleep
The Son will rise, I won't
Bethie Nov 2018
My favorite place, as you can guess
Is where I'm all alone
They say I'm antisocial, yes
Still loneliness is home

All by myself I live, I thrive
With people, not so much
I can't live like a bee in hive
I never got that touch

I run to solitude at times
To rid me from my mind
And even writing words and rhymes
Can't keep me with my kind

I've become friends with Solitude, and for a time I've known
That even if I'm left behind, with him I'm not alone
Bethie Oct 2018
I never thought we'd end up friends
I thought we'd stay on separate ends
A guy your age, and girl of mine
This wasn't what I thought I'd find
I never meant to like you so
You liked me to, and this I know
And now you have a baby girl
Our lives are passing in a whirl
But somehow, someway, we're still close
Our fated friendship means the most
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