Bethie Mar 4
Loss is a part of life
To lose is but to gain
Put down the gun and knife
We all will go through pain

Our lives once were so great
But now they linger by
We're drowning in the hate
And few will hear us cry

When joy from us will go
Our minds begin to pout, but
Remember, when the sunset goes
The stars will then come out
Bethie Mar 1
"How are you?'
"Doing good,"
That's how it always goes
That's what we always say
It seems that's all we know

"How are you?"
"I'm great,"
I wish that we could say
What we really feel inside
But from this we never stray

"How are you?"
"I'm fine,"
Know what? I'm really not
That's what I meant to say
But it's only what I thought

"I'm good too,"
"That's great,"
That's how it always goes
That's what we always say
It seems we'll never know
Bethie Feb 15
Turn your eyes upward, little girl
See all the things I've made
Look at the stars, dear girl
Until your sadness starts to fade

Do you see the birds, My child
They don't labor or spin
And yet I feed them all the while
And they know this, deep within

Do not worry about tomorrow
Do not worry about today
Do not linger on your sorrow
But in My presence, you shall stay
Bethie Feb 14
Thanks for all the good times
When we talk about our books
Or when we talk about our rhymes
Or when we cringe about our looks

We seem to have the same tastes
Or at least they're close enough
Our taste in music is your face
And our style of writing is quite tough

Needless to say, I made this rhyme
Really just mostly to be fair
And say that I've forgiven you
For the time you chained me to a chair

Your sister
Bethie Feb 13
Once when we were little, we didn't like each other
Then we both got older and noticed one another
And then we became friends and I couldn't even see
Until your little sister said you had a crush on me
Then I realized you were a boy, and that I was a girl
And that my heart began to give a little twirl
You were the very best friend I've ever known
But then you had to grow up, and leave me all alone
I saw you were a teen, but I was still a kid
And then from that day on, from you I always hid
I grew to really like you, and yes, to even love
But you never seemed to see me, I was under, you above
And then I grew up too, but you I always watched
To you I wanted to talk, but conversation always botched
And then I went through terrible things
And so did you, our scars still sting
We both emerged more grown and tall
But next to you I still felt small
And still I do, and still I watch
My love for you goes up a knotch
But I fear to you I don't exist
What should I do, please tell me this
Bethie Feb 9
One day I realized something:
That I love stars a lot
But they're so hard to find
(At least that's what I thought)
I traveled to the library
And I checked out lots of books
And read them all quite thoroughly
From there I went to look
That night was cold and windy
(I was unsure if I would stay)
But Cassiopeia then appeared
To me and showed the way
She showed me Ursa Minor
And Orion, standing strong
She showed me all the Milky Way
And I began to hear their song
The Seven Sisters called to me
And Pollux showed his light
Oh, there were many things I saw
That cold and windy night
I still love stars an awful lot
And above me I still look
I try to show the light I know
That they gave, and I then took
Bethie Jan 30
I am a happy person
Or at least that's how I seem
I always have a smile
I live a perfect dream

I never am unhappy,
Or hurt or sad or blue
I'm just a happy person
Oh, if you only knew

If you knew how I sit
Forgotten and alone
And watch the world take all
The things I've ever known

I struggle with my faith
I struggle with the Lamb
I struggle with the very kind
Of person that I am

Regardless of all that
My facade remains true
That I'm a happy person
A person just like you
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