Bethie Jun 2
My future life with poetry
Began at a rummage sale
When I was young and innocent
So sweet and kind and frail

I had a dollar from my mom
To "spend it wise" she said
I looked and looked for pretty things
Her words inside my head

I saw some little figurines
My sister went to buy
I began to get a bit desperate
Until something caught my eye

I saw a book, just sitting there
A cover of musty blue
It seemed so sad and lonely
That somehow I felt it, too

I picked it up and bought it
Not knowing what was started
For in my hands were lines of gold
That from me would not be parted

Those poems helped to shape my life
And read them, I still do
But now I make my own to share
For me, and yes, for you
Bethie May 31
When I'm in the apple tree
I know God is watching over me
When I fall he helps me up
My God is a good God

So when I'm in the apple tree
I know He's watching over me
I love Him and He loves me
Together in the apple tree
This was the first poem I ever wrote. For some reason it's stuck with me all these years, and I thought I'd share it. In my child mind I somehow equated the Apple Tree to life itself. (For a little clarification.)
Bethie May 25
I like being alone
I love soletude
But every once in awhile
I get a feeling
I think it's loneliness

I don't like people
I hate socialising
But every once in awhile
I get a desire
I think it's for companionship

I sometimes want a friend
But I dunno
I'm not great with people
But maybe my answer is a person
Then I won't have to be alone
Bethie Apr 17
Love is a drug
I'm afraid I've overdosed
Strung out on a thing called love
Bethie Mar 31
I still have flashbacks
To the worst day of my life
And I remember my pounding heart
And the ambulance
And how scared I was
I don't try to forget these things
But I don't like to remember them either
I clearly remember the hospital
And how I almost threw up
They said family members only
And I was so scared to go back there
It was the scariest thing I've ever done
But it's over now
And I'm okay
We're all okay
Just a little different
A little older
The worst day of my life is over
And it's been reduced to "The Accident"
An awful lot of memories are in those two words
Bethie Mar 30
I thought that maybe I was over you
That the feelings I had were only few
Then I decided to go on my way
(It was a good idea, I have to say)
Then out of the corner of my eye
I saw you there, and my, oh my
You see, my heart, it jumped so much
It fluttered and danced for added touch
And I realized there and then that I
Could run but never could I hide
From you, though far from you I stray
My heart, with you, will always stay
Bethie Mar 4
Loss is a part of life
To lose is but to gain
Put down the gun and knife
We all will go through pain

Our lives once were so great
But now they linger by
We're drowning in the hate
And few will hear us cry

When joy from us will go
Our minds begin to pout, but
Remember, when the sunset goes
The stars will then come out
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