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Em MacKenzie Oct 2019
Seems I like dark deception
and the odd manipulative game,
I question quality of reflection
as each shares the same.
And it seemed like love
until I’ve finally had enough.

I tie up my own two feet
and put my hands straight to shackle,
and while the imprisonment is sweet
there’s too much bitterness to tackle.
And it seemed like love
until the rose tint got scuffed.

She shook the flowers from her hair
and my fingers were cut from the thorns of the tangles.
I thought there were a million clear signs there
I took the time to find each direction, possibilities and angles.
Did I demonize a saint?
or did I give a monster wings?
The image is up for perception, not the paint,
and the same song is different depending on who sings.

Seems I attract words of blades
and metaphorical slaps in the face,
deciphering shadows into different shades
and ranking them last to first place.
And I wanted it to be love,
but it was lower when I thought it above.

I see false inflated importance
or I see nothing at all.
With black and white I took a grey stance,
but my planted feet kept me from standing tall.
An empty home with a closing wall.

Seems I like dark deception
and the odd manipulative game,
I convince myself it’s forms of affection,
so it’s only I to blame.
And it seemed like love,
but I chose the noose instead of my glove.
copykitten Sep 2019
Putting my hands over my ears
Intent on blocking the world's clamour
Once again alone with you
In this darkness of the voice within
Your sweet existence in my head
Saying 'I love you'
Caressing my name
Singing songs I'll never forget
For once, I just want to get lost
Carried away by things that don't exist
Forever walking in a dreamlike trance
Hand in hand with you
To this fabricated reality of our joint souls
Hallucinations, are you?
EmilyBatdorf Sep 2019
Take away my pain, peel back the layers
of aged, crumbling paint.
I’m not in the wrong here, but my heart cries
tears and shreds itself up,
a bomb I never thought active.
Take away my pain,
your love was my warmth, my haven of light,
but now the shadows creep in
and the rocks pull me down.
Take away my pain, that of my naïve heart,
the one that loved you unflinchingly
and is taught to love you still.
Take away my pain,
you made the choice, wavered in love,
take my pain and give it
to the ***** in your bed.
Mitch Prax Sep 2019
How am I
supposed to believe you
when all of your sweet
but empty words
and promises smell of
someone else’s name?
Marco Carlos Aug 2019
Who is who?
Is he, he?
Is she, she?
Who is false?
Who is true?

They are not themselves,
They are others,
to their own.
Who are they really?

If you are one of them?
Then who are you?
If you are not truly yourself?
A mere shell pretending.
An impersonator of who
You once were.
Self deceit is the worse kind of addiction...
Be as true to yourself as possible

...Break free
If you can’t truthfully analyze your self then how do you get better?
Sylph Aug 2019
They say
If you lie to yourself enough
its sure to come true
Maybe if i continue telling myself
that i love you
I really will one day
And what we have
wont seem fake
I will wait for that day
Like you wait for the clock to stop ticking
knowing it never will
To be honest i dont know where this came from because i have lied to myself so much in so many other things..I cant tell whats true and whats not. And i think i love him but i keep questioning whether or not thats just a lie im telling myself because i want it to be true.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
“I fall in love with words, so how could I not fall in love with yours? How could I not fall in love with the beautifully weaved lies? How could I not fall in love with the words that flowed like melody and phrased like lyrics holding emotional depth? How could I not fall in love with the perfect illusion of the love you had? How could I not fall in love with image of how beautiful I was by the compliments you sent my way?”
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