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Lady Ravenhill Sep 2019
She doesn't need her hair
To escape from his tower
She just needs to decide
To open the door and go
©LadyRavenhill 2019
Nadia Aug 2019
Her voice, sweeter than buttercream
- Salty words won’t pucker her song,
Honey bees follow her adoringly -
The kindest person ever to come along

Her legs, thick with gorgeous muscle
- A tornado couldn't knock her down,
Tree trunks turn green with jealousy -
She's the strongest person in town

Her eyes, alight with warm welcome
- a blackout wouldn't dim her glow,
Lesser stars shrink away in envy -
She's the friendliest person to know

She’ll protect anyone who needs it,
Forgive the most egregious slight
Faced with anger, she won't feed it
Full of grace, she’s everything right

Sadly, he won’t go the way of Earl
But who wouldn’t cheer his self-demise
He who siphoned power, stifled song
And stole the laughter from her eyes

Somehow, she’s still tornado strong
The bees know she’ll sing once more
Her trust might need a little time but
When she’s ready, glowing, she’ll soar

NCL August 2019
Racheal King Apr 2019
She's somewhere in the sunlight strong
her tears are in the falling rain
she calls me in the wind's soft song
and with the flowers she comes again.

The loneliness and misery
are silenced by a melody.
She's somewhere and I hear her sing
her words in timeless memory.

Stay the course, light a star,
change the world where ere you are.

Somewhere the night wind carries her
the silver moon beam lights her way
Onterees is her messenger
and every sun and moon her stay

Dark voices from the shadows call
but listen and her voice recall
Moriah, Moriah

Stay the course, light a star,
change the world where ere you are
so, I am part of a choir at my high school and we just went to competitions because we are doing fabulous! this is one of the songs that we sang that was really beautifully written!!
Genevieveish Jul 2018
I have it in spades
But it comes in waves,
In the climb, I know I'm worth it,
On the precipice, it feels so clear,
In the curl, I'm tested,
It's in the break that I get lost,
And just as it pulls me in,
I ride upon the backs of the strong women who surround me,
Holding me accountable,
Exposing the humanity that grounds me,
Resolve is a funny thing,
I have it in spades,
But it comes in waves.
Pure Bliss Jul 2018
Young women so bold
Not afraid to try again
Not afraid to say no to the men who try and take advantage of them,

Young women so smart
Finding new and proper ways of doing things
Finding peace within,

Young women so strong
Like a stealthy leopard hunting its pry in the jungle,
Like a majestic mare willing to fight for her foal,

Young women never give up,
Never throughout your dreams just because some guy told you to,
Never do what you think isn't right.
jack of spades Nov 2017
are you collecting the old counts of how
they slaughtered your son and his power-hungry heart,
twenty three knives to the torso,
the killing blow delivered by a beloved friend?
or are those the scrolls that you wish
dust would settle over forever, relics and reliefs of
everything you see behind your closed eyelids.
a politician’s mother
must be all the more clever; her son will not
be going into battle to die with honor
but rather with deceit. give her-- you-- a laurel wreath,
the irony of the goddess nike standing
golden over the tomb of your son: emperor,
caesar. mother of summer, of boiling july,
are you not the sun? are you not the constellations
freckling burnt pale skin? are you not
the fiercest and brightest of warriors, quietly,
without warning?
for the mother of julius caesar, the woman who raised him while his father was away; for the grandmother of augustus, who marked the change of roman history.
Debbie Ogenyi May 2016
You wonder why she loved you
Deceit lust and betrayal
But  she did,eyes blinded
Till truth unfolds with time
Love it fades in the face of reality
Bitter but real

Let her flyaway
Let her breakfree

Listen,the sound of drums
Toes taping in rejoicing
Hear  the the laughter of freedom
She is no longer your prisoner
Let her walk with her head held high
She is beauty,elegance and dignity

You wonder why she loved you
Toture disrespect and hate
But she did,Ignorance
She held on though her blistered palm
Knowing not her worth

But she knows today
See she smiles at her reflection
She is beautiful not because you say

Let her flyaway
Let her breakfree
Fairy Sparks Mar 2016
You said you love me.
But why?
why did you you stabbed me
back and forth.
You said said you will never leave me,
But why?
why did you left me?
I'm begging for you not to leave me
with nothing..
You said you were my protector,
my guardian.
But why?
why did you let them?
hurt me.
It's okay for me
it's just them.
it's you..
who turned me into
black angel
By: Fairy Sparks
He's the one who put me into this...
Romali Arora Mar 2016
I wonder what it is to be like her
To be shattered,
To be hurt
To be broken
By everyone
And still manage to stand so strong

I wonder how many of us wish to be like her
The one who often goes unnoticed
A woman who carries a storm within her
But refuses to let it show
For it may destroy everyone around
Even before you know

I wonder what it takes to be a woman like her
To be at the receiving end of betrayals,
And forgotten relationships
A woman, being referred to, as someone so ordinary
And yet not complaining

I wonder how it is to be the woman she is
A woman of power
A woman of values and beliefs
A woman, who values faith
The independent one,
Wanting to stand on her own feet

I wonder what it is to be the woman
Who often strives
To be better
Than what she was yesterday
Who puts down her dreams and aspirations for the ones she loves
And yet fails to get the love she deserves

I wonder what would it be
To meet that woman
The woman within us
The one within you and me
The one we look at
Everyday in the mirror
The one we don’t admire
But just see....
I wonder what it takes
To be a woman
Just like you and me......
To the strong women-may we be them, may we admire them and may we love them!
Madeline Janisch Mar 2015
Body appreciation is important. Learn to love the skin you're in. Yes, i posted a picture in which I am in my underwear. What more is showing than me wearing a swimsuit? Nothing more. Why is it okay for men to walk around without a shirt on but considered unacceptable and pornographic for women to be seen *******? Who created these rules? Who decided it was okay to discriminate against women? I don't ******* want to be "sugar & spice & everything nice," I want to be my own person. I am powerful. I am mad about stereotypes and "boundaries" placed on women. I don't ******* like the color pink, why is that a problem? I like blue, but I was raised in pink tights and pink dresses. I am breaking free. I am being my own unique person. A powerful woman.
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