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Respectability boredom
The basis of your
very happy marriage.
Added to it my painful
everlasting suffering.
My heart-ache,
and heart-break.
It all came to it's
inevitable end.

Everyone as everything
comes to a holt the"end."
I roled your deceitful dice back!
You now rip back
what greedy ones have planted
in your ***** garden's door
and my suffering.

This universal law applies
as a balancing Libra scale!
It just never fails for anyone
It's all an ever
pendulum Oscillation.
By: Karijinbba
Copy Rights apply.
We all rip what we saw
my unprovoked enemies too :
my other torturers Hell
doesn't want you there and Heaven's
doors remain externally closed  
Jose Oscar Haro, Billy Win,
Haralambos Mantalozis
haralobo matasolo matador
human predator poisoner
child torturer biggot
Henry Welonek Henry Robert Welonek Elizabeth Welonek
their team of Charles Manson's advocate s witches voodoo human trafficking haters racist bigoted human predators; Arthur Susan Raitano
Kiriaki mantalozis poisoner jealous medea Elena Olivia your ant and cousin in Athens
Billy Panajotis Basiliki in Calamata
and even you my twin soul Pat J. Cham
aka rdd..Susan Miller Caugh my pain your own now.
As for the many greedy demons in Veracruz predator thieves of all my burried loot by my twin soul hell has got you now
Jeff Albrecht, John Christianson mad son in law from hell weakly pendejos
cowards lacking courage brains heart biggots habitual drug user idiots my hell is now your own.
All who hurt me because I was simply all alone in the world. I never hindered any of you knowingly nor unknowingly not even in self defense! I was simply existing living doing what any righteous protective Mom do best loving caring and surviving all of you satanic blood thirsty morons
two face predators with greedy ******* agendas where malice greed mattered
more to you all
than my life and my children's life.
Now you rip as you planted for I return to you all evil doings and bind them to you
for all eternity in Jesus, Gods name
and it is God tells me so.
revenge is from the lord receive yours,! .
the blood of my dead baby boys and mine as you yook it it's is in your hands
As for the only human ET like myself
who wished me well may you rip the gold
you once burried for me that was such a great pain suffering loss.
As for the love you gave I keep as my own and add it to my heart's wealth bank.
I shine in my own light but I am not all that I won't forgive all the evil doers go to hell all you who wished me evil. The same hell you gave me plus interest is now yours.

Pandemic poets disconnection!
I guess the SARSCOV-12-19
pandemic stunned
poets writing poetry
for passion, fun, courage
heart and brains.

Only scribblers remain
and wannabe writers
those forgetting to dream
are too busy in the nightmare
of their own survival paradigm
pandemic, or gone? as in RIP?.
I am feeling disconnected
in this think tank cubicle
called Hello Poetry
and all I can do is disconnect
from all private collectors
and their collections if possible.

for lack of tangible re- connections
with one another!
lack of one on one meeting.

Such misery and pain to poets
desiring to remain annonymous!
Arrogance neglect selfishness
and blatant thievery seems rampart.

Few of poetic true story poems
are fastly procured.
Supposedly by teen ager profiles
who will believe this!
It cannot last beyond pandemic
demoralizing fear monger
system re-start times!
can it?
My Purhepecha
The Maya mystic civilization
wisdom didn't end with their
Mayan calendar ancient
predictions cycle's
ending on year 2012,
It rather has re-started
somehow 2019 SarsCov-02
wasn't the Maya dream restart!.

I remain bound to my Mayan
civilization re-connection's
and to those who remember me
and not to deceptive originating
lab made nano covert virus culprit.

Instead, in my true light, I observe
how evildoers trash me to kin
who are supposed to love me
therefore, must disbelieve it all
but won't or can't.

So how about you?
By: karijinbba
Copy Rights apply.
Alone no more.
Thanks for reading:
moderators poetry lovers.
please be well.
it's bittersweet!
Those loved the most
think of me today.
My dearest beloved
omnipresent remain.
By: Karijinbba
~Copy Rights apply~
To be remembered well is to relive
after we pass on!.Paints this tree of life!
Allert: Not a poem
but a story on actual facts
Someone is trying to sicken me
to ****** me for a long time now.

I have more lives then a cat or blessingis from above in heaven
who knows I am Innocent.

Dr LPoop...inares trusted was
like any patient
to an urgent care doctor would.

The Lord's light does show
right from wrong
and to intuit right
on any malignant greedy
red flags popping op in in clinics
ER clinics and in the occasional past visitations to hospitals.

I haven't hindered any of  you
**** you evil doers greedy predators
paranoid are yourselves
you are not a doctor but a butcher
I can read you loud and clear.

You and your partber in crime
are so transparent!
I hardly know you, why trash patients
It's a patients right
to protect his or her life
at any age time and place.
Mexican American lives matter

Who is the paranoid?.
Dr Lpoop..inares is paranoid about unpaid huge medical school bills!!
As God is my witness
I encomend my spirit soul
into the living God
and not to your plot.
I am not a dog but a human being
I am giver of life lover of life
not the **** that greedy enemies
paint me to you all.
Your partner in crime hell nurse nemrA his thousand page paperwork you two required of this patient
doesn't ring the wise senior bell
as any legit benefit
to this outpatient
not one bit

As God is my witness
my life matters.
No one owns me
neither does LA care medical,
nor the dental covert malignant fashist network of malignant
greefy thugs wellcare-easy choice!

No "Care first"!, home therapist is needed
nor anything you two proposed
your once per week exercising lessons deal is a joke.
for any two months once a week
what a ***** wolves deal scam!

Your malignant narcissistic requirements was understood requiring of me to sign vogus hundreds of documents
for over two hours paperwork
filled up all alone at home
but not in your office!!
doesn't ring the bell to being
legitimate or in patients best interest.

Death comes to all the filthy beast
such as yourselves
human beings too
but i won't participate
in my own demise for some
stranger's finantial gane.

My life matters
no real doctors would trash patients
nor call them paranoid like you called me on the phone.
This ex urgent care patient refuses to believe
averting danger to his ***** plot
I never hurt a fly
if I don't have to
why target me?

Sounds more like a life insurance policy scam where patient isn't
to take a hint of what ttouble
they are getting into
your malice and greed.

So Dr Lpoop..inares you savage
go to hell
see how I return
everything evil back to you
all you intended for my old age
and bind it to you and your ***** associates in crime for all eternity.

You **** bags of Earth
The devil isn't as manipulative
as your cruel deceiving trick
life insurance scam.
With one hand you write prescriptions
and with another you plot patients demise at your convenience!
and in my own home!

you are so easyly readable a malignant narcissist

1:-No whole body scan will be allowed 2:-No contrast galodemium metalic poison injected either as you sugested!

You didn't even order any blood lab work for me ever
legitimate doctors do order labs.
This beautiful in and out mother grandmother heroine has God's protection!

You requested for me an X-Ray for a lung lump! What lump?
On whose lung?-Not mine!
definitly not this person writing here!

Most likely your very own lung lump
Lpoop...inares your very black lung.
heartless soul you

The state of greed malice by thugs in sheep's clothings united in a team of scammers murderers and thieves
with their very dark geneologic tree plots running through
their ugly **** veins.
Medical graduate **** abounds as kegitimate ER front enterprise not so legit doctors nurses most all graduate young
owing so much in student loans debt
killing the elderly deceitfully
by pretending paperwork is needed
for bogus in home unecessary
So tired of this skin color hair
creed social status divisions
malice biggotry greedy
Shady manners
The haves and have nots
worldwide strangeness!
The massive mile nature burnings
mysterious volcanic eruptions.
popping up
glacial s melting crumbling
This masked face
pandemic new world order
in the midst of it all!

O how I long
to take my loved ones
a few trustworthy friends
and fly out this ugly cris-cross
chemtrail sky covering all stars
killing natural cloud's
on matrix mother Earth's
slippery slopes
ever closer to the sun

Earth's being kissed
by Mercury and Venus
no courageous ruller
to tell us the end's truth
that we must fly out
soon to boldy go
out to the stars.
Copy Rights apply.

Hollywood Sep 26 2020. HOT as hell the sun seems larger closer brighter hitter.
The army airplanes for years now pound the sky with some cloudy clouds material. It's strange noone tells us how this helps. We hardly have oxigen keft. Amidst pandemic covid 02-19 forest by billion mikes are being destroyed burned.b
I feel its on purpose. Without oxigen cancers will **** many people.
there's a malignant secrecy by government s worldwide I fear the worst but believe God exists and wont allow evil to prevail..
They are so much cunning and cruel
Yet they possess, intelligence and smartness
Yes, they are filled with over confidence
They are absolutely shameless too

Don’t you feel my dear?
They don't have any sort of fear
They are beating us, hitting us
And we are helplessly watching them

They are neither allowing us to weep
Not they are letting us to cry loud
They are snatching our source of livelihood
They are looting our meagre savings too

They are boring bigger holes in our pockets
By their powerful invisible technological drills
Selling all sorts of stuff they use to produce
Drugs, sanitizers, hand washes and what not

They are asking to keep our ugly mouth fully shut
By putting beautiful, colourful and fancier masks
They are not letting us to meet our friends
They are not letting us to share our meals

They are not allowing us to share our views
They are not allowing us to share our thoughts
With any of our friend, relatives and fellow citizens
They are just telling us to follow whatever they say

They are throwing ******* and garbage on us
In the name of science, health and hygiene
There appears to be not much science
In their so call science and modern science

Shamelessly they proclaim to be our saviours
Saving us from the army of an invisible enemy
Although existence of any such army is doubtful
But their intentions are doubtful and doubtful

If any such invisible army of enemy really exists?
It may have been raised and owned by them only
To **** the lives of all the other fellow humans on earth
And to fulfil their greed and lust for power and money

They are planning to inject in our bodies
Some drugs, chemical or any such thing
They will even charge money for that
And try to fill their everlasting greed

I wonder, who they are?
God, Demi Gods or the Devils
Or they are just a band of inhuman
Resembling a band of nasty humans

Do they really have some superpower?
Or they are just a bunch of ugly parasites?
Trying to draw everything from our lives
Just to feed himself and to recreate his own life
A poem from the point of view of  conspiracy theorists.
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