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Nylee Dec 2019
The hope comes crashing
And i wished
I had more time to keep them
Bring them to reality
But destiny
Has games to play
And i am a bad player.

I am getting played
with level getting difficult.
I wish not to continue
But I won't quit
Cause I cannot
Not now, not then
I have to survive
Till the end.

As When it ends
It won't matter
As the people said and i believed.
what comes and goes,
And i stay
struggle with myself
patience running thin.
I've learned a lot
Lot to talk about in age.

In my age
I want to be different
and still fit in
in the crowd and in my jeans.
And my cloud of wishes and hope
have just started to pour
and falling down
Like my tear drops
It is beautiful and ugly
And it will end
Lydeen Dec 2019
Remember the clear blue sky.
Remember the beautiful flowing grass.
Remember the warm spring breeze.
Remember the early thaw.
Remember the beautiful pine trees.
Remember the exploding life.
Remember the sudden jolt.
Remember the three flips.
Remember the burn of the belt.
Remember the sound of mom hitting the roof.
Remember the NOISE.
Remember the aftermath.
Remember the thump of kicking out the window.
Remember the desperation of getting out.
Remember the worry about your sweater.
Remember the fear you had stained your dress.
Remember the grass cutting your legs while leaving the ditch.
Remember the woman who was kind.
Remember the yogurt with cookie crumbs.
Remember the cold spoon.
Remember the grey lunchbox.
Remember the blue cube ice pack.
Remember the girl who hadn't eaten it at lunch.
Remember the lie that you hadn't cried.
Remember the grey van.
Remember the white car stained red.
Remember the bus.
Remember the blood.
Remember the shattered glass.
Remember the man.
Remember the crimson paint.
Remember the scalp peeled back.
Remember the shrieking siren.
Remember the neighbors.
Remember the glistening beautiful glass.
Remember the cops.
Remember the ambulance ride.
Remember the hospital.
Remember the glass embedded in mommy's back.
Remember the doctors.
Remember the first time your blood pressure was taken.
Remember the sling.
Remember the pain.
Remember the fear.
Remember the questions.
Remember the thousands of times you told the story over.
Remember the details you suppressed.
Remember the trauma.
Remember the gasp each time the car slowed.
Remember the hands clutching the door.
Remember the death grip.
Remember the anxiety.
Remember the tears.
Remember the first time driving.
Remember the first time almost getting in a crash of your own.
Remember the fear each time you grip the wheel.
Remember the accident on your sixth birthday.
nick armbrister Dec 2019
The soil of the mountain holds the answers
It will not shout out HERE I AM!
For it is quiet and shy and hides
Maybe in plain sight till we find it
The answer of where exactly you are
We know you are on the mountain
Somewhere up there on the heights
We wish to know exactly where
I want to be there when we find you
Imagine the feeling I will feel
And stories I will later tell
Being able to say I WAS THERE
So where are you Lt Stone?
Do tell me...
nick armbrister Dec 2019
We went here before
We are here again
And will do so
Till we find you
How long will it take?
Who holds the answer?
Let me talk to them
I will bring in results
nick armbrister Dec 2019
We will be back on the hill
Looking for you like we did in 18
And the others did in 19
When I wasn't allowed to go
Unlike in 20 when I return
And maybe we will find you
Hiding in the soil of the hillside
Almost a kilometre up
Final resting place
Pilot and plane
In 2 places 2 events
Maybe we will find you
Will we?
Undead Nomad Dec 2019
the smell of smoke
and all is burning
windows melting
gears stop turning

the touch of dirt surrounds me
looking out but can't see
and this fractured place above my shoulders: an empty space...

when did we fly away?
When did we lose ourselves to fate?

I felt your halo burning beside me
you traveled far away
but I am still here drowning in silence
counting away the day

the smell of hope
my love is burning
I'm still melting
world is turning

wish we could turn back time
back to the place where we lived
where we were holding hands
breath in the air once again

wish I could reprimand
bury all of the pain
within in the sand

the smell of smoke
colours melting
wheels still turning

wish I could understand
hold all of your love
in my hands
once again
A song I wrote about losing a Loved one in a car crash.
Sydney Nov 2019
Waves                             they                     happy
     call me.                          call                       when I
       They crash                    out to                     see them
        and laugh                      me, with                 dance. They
    with the wind.                their beauty            beckon me
Beautiful and elegant      and shine. I am       towards them.
this is my first attempt at a concrete poem
Marri Oct 2019
The car flips.

Over the railing--
Down the side of a grassy hill with hidden rocks.
I let go.
Arms up like roller-coaster fun.

Glass flies through the air;
It's perfect.
The light reflecting angelically.

7 year old sister still laughing--
Baby brother with a gap toothed smile.
Mother soars through the windshield;
Finally free.
Dad hits his head against the dashboard, and seems not to mind.
Our family blood mixes together;
Staining everything it touches.

The radio sings the latest haunting pop song.
We bicker over what station to change it to.

The car stays rolling, and with arms up.
Like good ole' fashioned family fun.
Anora Emporium Oct 2019
As an art teacher,
   I often explain to my students
   the techniques behind creating contrast.
   I explain how by making something
   really, really light,
   they can make the darkness all the more

I wonder if the same applies for vulnerability
   (maybe I should teach science, considering how much I've left open to be dissected)
   and if so, then I'm not sure I'll be brave enough to face the juxtaposition
   oh what a position I'll be in
   when the darkness finally catches up.
Only ever one step ahead.
I'm seeing a consistent theme in my poems as of late.
Much deliberation needs to occur, apparently.
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