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CR  Jun 2014
CR Jun 2014
crash crash crash was the calm smooth
hudson current
percolating like your
electric kettle soul
earl grey hands wrapped around

crash on the pillowtop
the closest thing to injury you knew
the still crash the
crash they bottle on the radio for you
crash lulls you to sleep
crash crash crash all you heard
all you wanted all you didn’t know—

mirrors shatter
mercedes tangle with birchbark
little quarterbacks forget their names at 22


he drops the phone
forgets how to
pick it up
you fall in line
try to
forget too
Icarus M  Nov 2013
Icarus M Nov 2013
I wish I could die then I would eat chicken waffles and dump blueberry syrup over my grave.
Tomb of the chicken, I will die, and can eat dumps syrup Blueberry waffles.
You can eat the Tomb mold, chicken, Blueberry dump syrup waffles.

I cut my wrist because the blood calms me like watching the soft waves. Brutal crashing down and writer's block.
Watching the wrist of my blood and mind calming soft waves and writer's block cut crash down is brutal.
Cruel lies in watching to reduce wrist crash calm the heart and the blood of my soft waves and writer's block.
To reduce wrist crashing a cruel lie to see soft waves of calm mind and I and the writers block blood available.
Please see the waves of serenity soft wrist heart and I writer blood available to reduce the crash a cruel lie a block.
See soft serenity available writers blood cruel lie block crash to reduce wrist heart waves.
See the block to reduce wrist heart wave soft serenity available lighter blood cruel lie crash.
Soft wrist heart wave still available light blood see block to reduce the cruel lie crash.
See the block still light soft wrist wave available to reduce crash a cruel lie.
Readily available in the cruel light soft wrist still wave block to reduce the crash there.
For the cruel light soft wrist still wave block to reduce crash there can easily exploit.
Crashes that can be used to reduce the abuse a simple soft wrist still wave block.
Abuse of the crash can be used to reduce the wave block yet simple soft wrist.
Abuse of the crash can be used to reduce the wave block yet simple soft wrist.
Spenser Bennett Nov 2016
Today was a car crash
Tomorrow's a few weeks away
Next month I'll see you someday
But today was a car crash
And it broke more than your bones
And it broke more than my heart
It broke everything
From the headlights
To the end of time
Nothing was the same
But you'll never change
But today was a car crash
Tomorrow's a few weeks ago
And yesterday was an eternity
But I didn't know it then
I'll live just a few moments
Without you for a second
But that second had better be a lifetime
And it had better flash before my eyes
Like the tears, like your face, like the casket, and the darkness
Tomorrow's a few weeks away
And forever came and passed
Because today was a car crash
Austin Heath Jun 2014
HuuuuBANGmmmmm. WhCRASHir.
I hold my fist in the air against
a specimen that would commit genocide against me,
a semi-sapien in that humanity is devoid.
CRASH* the people we call monsters.
BANG the sound of nuclear omnicide.
whiirrrr.* If we all die, it'll be a great
CRASH to ignore. ****'em;
I'll toss my plastic in the heap
if it means we melt off the planet
or drown in our own eventuality.
If it BANGs it's head voluntarily
why's it white like a straight jacket [?],
why's isn't it a criminal like Nixon,
like no bird and two Bushes. CRASH
Hum. Whir.
Kida Price Apr 2015
She's crash test dummy
If her life doesn't exist
It makes the collision that much more funny
In the name of science
And good intentions
She makes men smarter
And inspire their pensions
Crash her once
My love didn't work
Crash her twice
Just by being a ****
Crash her thrice
Cause I wasn't there
Don't crash 4 times
The dummy is out of spares
But it's alright
It's just a test
If I really loved her
Then her life would be a success
No broken pieces
No cracked face
No mixed emotions
Pouring out all over the place
If she were real
The impact would be set gently
If she drew breath
Her lungs wouldn't be empty
She's a crash test dummy
And they move from time to time
Sometimes mine cries
When she's out of the reach of my eyes
Her heart could be damaged
But that's what she agreed
She'll suffer any demolishing pain
If it means the love of me
Though the pain outweighs the pleasure
The sobs outlast the laughter
She can be teary and smiling
And with a combo like that
Makes a human seem so inhumane
So a dummy she has become
My dummy in the least
I test to she if she'll become real
And she never tests me
Grace Jordan Mar 2017
The wreckage is hard to stare at. I think some part of me knew I was flying a little too close to the sun, and that's what makes this even worse.

Picking up the pieces after a crash landing are some of the worst times, I believe. The crash itself is painful and confusing, but cleanup is just left with the pain and analytical assessment. How'd it fail? What went wrong? What should I have done better?

I've never loved crash landings, but as a person who's adept at doing them, at least they don't go too terribly. Doesn't mean I enjoy doing them, though. Doesn't mean I don't sometimes get the feeling I should get my pilot's license revoked.

Yet another crash landing, and my shoulders hurt and my hands ache. But its just another day.

I'm just tired today and I know its rational, but its so hard not to just throw all the blame on me and glare at this human vessel like its a disappointment. I should have known better. I should have worked harder. I should be the best pilot, not just the best crash lander.

But yet again, its just like any other day after a crash.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better.
Do not crash
Don't crash


do not crash
                                                 do not crash
don't crash
             don't crash
do not crash
Thomas Conlan  Mar 2015
The Shore
Thomas Conlan Mar 2015
Like a wave across a rocky shore,
I stretch over land and always want more.
You are the earth I can't reach,
impossibly far for a gentle wave like me.

But ill never stop pushing forward,
as you can very well see.
Ill crash and crash and crash and crash
until you notice me,
and when you do
I swear ill be the most beautiful thing you've seen.

If only I could make you want me too.

The gravity of my feelings aren't enough
to push me through to you.
There isn't anything I wouldn't do
to crash right next to you.
Even if I did I know
it'd be short lived.
Eventually everything will return to the sea,
including me.
Where I will crash upon your rocky shore
forever more..
I remember those days on the seawall;
wondering if the waves would come and crash
over our heads, hoping to be swept out
by the vicious tide, but only to turn back
and drift ever slowly back to the path
that haunted as the black ominous storm.

But you always stared out into that storm
and at the last second the sad seawall
was to your back, and on the brave new path
you set out, standing to the rise and crash
of the waves. “Just don’t forget to come back”
I’d scream, knowing the storm washed my words out.

I always knew not to follow you out
to the shore. You and I both knew this storm
and that the only safety was left back
at the comforting height of the seawall,
but somehow you ignored the flash and crash
of lightning set to us on a clear path.

But what if I had followed in your path?
Perhaps if I decided to walk out
to that shore, and allowed the waves to crash
at my feet, that the dark and frightening storm
would ease, the dauntingly distant seawall
no longer beckoning me to turn back.

Yet somehow it seemed simpler to turn back,
maybe it would be fair to say my path
and yours were not the same, and the seawall
could not stop you from your adventure out.
When the drop fell, were you lost to the storm?
I wished I could protect you from the crash.

Or maybe there had never been a crash…
you always seemed to find a new way back
at the gentle conclusion of the storm.
I’d see you strolling up your normal path
and the waves from the shore would follow out
to rest peacefully along the seawall.

“Maybe in the next storm…” I’d follow that path
and I will not look back to the seawall,
but out to the black cloud and blinding crash.
Thomas EG  Feb 2015
Thomas EG Feb 2015
Uncertainty fills the air
And suddenly I'm not so sure.
Nostalgia begins to decay
But why?
Heavy, heavier...
I inhale and sigh with, what, exasperation?
These are all mere distractions
To prevent myself from colliding
With myself,
With how I feel.
Emotional trauma, Part I -
Coming soon to a childhood near you!
We laugh it off
But it does not leave us.
Nothing can leave us
As easily as you walked away
That night.
I will not forget what I saw.
Engraved in my brain
Causing me to crumble
Tumble, tumble...
asija  Mar 2015
asija Mar 2015
Boom, Clap, Crash
It frightens the little girl
Boom, Clap, Crash
The little cat meows
Boom, Clap, Crash
Outside, people run from it
Boom, Clap, Crash
It strikes a tree
Here is one of the poems I wrote

— The End —