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andres Apr 2022
its in my blood to create music and spread Peace and Love. it has always been that way. Dream to do a collab with the great 7.
andres Apr 2022
for you i almost gave up everything.
andres Apr 2022
I'm just trying to understand, what I am to you...
more than songs we've exchanged.. midnight calls..
andres Apr 2022
I regret the end.
The way we couldn't leave one another without wounds.
The way we made it seems as if all the love we shared was wasted time.
andres Aug 2020
im the boy who sets the fire
so dance with me all night long
until we break the dawn

#dance #love #fh #freedom
andres Aug 2020
we don't change girl
that's why we stay the same
told me you'll leave and
find someone who loves you better

I know coz you remind me
mistakes that i should carry
maybe i'm not enough
but will you let me stay
coz my heart is always yours

#imyours #love #ifeelyou
andres Aug 2020
i have trouble sleeping at night
as i keep on dreaming awake
wandering thoughts through the stars and skies
i wish you'd save me from all the guilt and lies

#dreaming #saveme #love #lies #guilt
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