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imparo Nov 2020
Every step you take towards me
I take three steps back away from you
I just can't, I don't have it in me
To just stand still
And let you get closer to me
I just can't, I don't have it in me
To take the step towards you
And meet you halfway
I just can't even if I wanted to
I just can't, I don't have it in me.
Asha Lee Nov 2020
I’ve met cowards.
They mutter in the back of the room. They yell from behind a podium. Tweet from inside a bunker. From behind a mask.
He hid in a bathroom stall and waited for me. It didn’t matter my gender or race. He was after one thing. Power. I assume he didn’t have much in his life. He didn’t even have the courage to prey on someone his own age. He couldn’t handle them fighting back.
Control isn’t power. Control isn’t confidence.
Life is uncontrollable. He didn’t need to r*pe and pillage to gain control.
He needs to learn to flow with the currents and leave me my dignity.
He thought he stole mine.
But he forgot his with me, and I carry it no. Forever knowing be had hurt before. I wasn’t the first and I couldn’t stop him from desperately grasping and groping his way to the fleeting feeling of power. Control.
But I carry his dignity. He lost control in a scramble to gain it. He lost it to me. Pathetic.
So now I’ll always know.
And he's irredeemable.
it's not a question
Mark Wanless Nov 2020
you coward amen
not soul saver till the end
no you were just man
Whatever your devil whispered to you
About me that night
Doesn't represents me

Come and talk to my devil
When you have the guts to
No baby, you're not a ****

Just a coward
The handsome one
Still my favorite
Dvali Taytem Aug 2020
A handful of pills stared me in the face
Looked me in my eyes and asked

“Do you have the *****?”

They tumbled across each other
As I turned them in my hand, thinking

“Do I have the *****?”

I chose one
And broke it in half
And put the rest of them back

I stared a handful of pills down
Looked them in their eyes and said

“I guess I don’t.“
8/21/2020, 2:26 AM
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2020
I do not want to argue anymore
Show me the way to the door
I would rather slum it surfing couch to couch
Than hide from life as I slack and slouch
Look down upon from your self-righteous horse
Insults hurled til your voice is hoarse
And "wouldn't you feel bad if I died?"
As if unaware of how I feel inside
I hate living with constant fear and anxiety. I honesty do not know how to refrain from taking it out on other people. Especially those close to me, such as my mother.
Knut Kalmund Aug 2020
all my blackbirds sing for me
and all my friends arrived
roses bloom above my head
a fine place to reside

lacrimal gush under vails will remedy
promises always lie
pain will tell the journey
trenched the soil to reach the sky

all my blackbirds stopped to sing
for they are no more
all my friends left the same
and all the roses wilt in dirt

I've been reckoned as a coward
they will never see what I saw
and all my songs will stay unsung
and all my songs will stay unsung
Thank you for reading.
Eva Jun 2020
Have you ever been scared,
that when you need your courage
You'll be the biggest coward.
Aarvijain Jun 2020
Pain will not leave,
But it's wrong to cheat,
Is pain too much to bear,
Than the tear your loved one will share,
Being a coward is your choice,
Leaving the world is not easy way leaving the life,
The pain you leave is not nice,
People are crying because you are not here by your choice.
colette alexia May 2020
Two years of happy to be sad for my whole life
It's not a trade I would have made had I known at the time
You never really meant a word you'd say
Convince me of your love
Just so you can walk away
Walk away just to find there's no escape
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