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a M b 3 R Sep 8
i just want to be friends,,
jUst fRiEndS
p l eE AassE e e
for once
listen to me
i beg you
just be m-Mm m Y yy
f r i e n d
i r eAl Ly misS yOu
don’t you see it
i really treasure you
please.. please—
come back,,
a M b 3 R Aug 25
eating candies again
to keep myself happy
i popped one in
and another again
so oo oO oo   sw w eee ee ttt
it drives the bitterness away
more Ee e—
i finished the whole bottle
my body felt like it could float up to the sky
i felt so  h A p P y Y yyyY
i could die
a M b 3 R Jul 21
i want to rewrite the stars
to you and me
forever and only
love the song rewrite the stars
a M b 3 R Jun 24
u could see the brokenness in me.
u could see the darkness behind this mask.
u could see that i tried, yet i fail then lying on the ground, given up.
u could see i was overwhelmed.
u could see i was trying to fight against the war in my head.

the pain,
the suffering,
i am hurt.
u could see that.
u wanted me to trust u,
u wanted me to open up to u,
u said u could help.

when i gave u the keys to this locked door,
u ran up to me,
u held me up when i fell.
u shooed away what was there crowding and surrounding me.
u held up the sword and told me to stand behind u, u wanted to help me fight.
but we fought together,
and it was almost over.

now i’m picking up shattered glass.
one pricked your hand, u bled,
but u continued.

i hoped u didn’t see the glass bead tears under those light.
the light that u brought into this darkness.
i’m really thankful that u helped me,
if only it wasn’t over so soon.
could u stay with me?
i want u to, please?
i... i—,, 92&/@/&/&
i— love you.

a M b 3 R Jun 24
i love the way u wrote poems for me
i love the way u smiled and laughed with me
i love the way u protect and comfort me
i love the way u gaze into my eyes
i love the way u take longer routes just to spend more time with me
i love the way u trusted me
i love the way u were loyal and committed to me
i love the way u cared and helped me
i love the way u change for the better
i love the way u sang songs for me
i love the way u whispered i love u to me
but i hate the way u left me
a M b 3 R Jun 24
heard that u talked about her.
you told your friends how blessed u were
you told your friends how much u loved her
you told your friends that you didn’t want to lose her

you didn’t want to break her heart
but the more u think
the more it worsens
only negative thoughts were running in your head
and confusing

you told your friends she deserves better
you told your friends you aren’t good enough
you told your friends that you were inferior

you overthink
and soon after you were drifting
and slowly breaking
you were mentally drained
you were tired
and things weren’t going well

in the end, the first letter of my name adds up to the password.
the password consisted of his ex(s) name.
a M b 3 R Jun 6
the only reason i wrote
was because of him
and for him,  
him only.
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