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  1d Amber
ting is
your           life
thro             ugh
a ne           edle
and         if
you sew
Amber 4d
a lasting portrait that sways in your head
like the pendulum in a clock swinging every second
it was tormenting you
and— i lingered     still.
even though i’ve long left
it seems like my heart was still there
my mind trying to cut off strings of attachments
my heart clung onto

both of us saw each other at the corner of our eyes         again.
yet we look down and walk away
not even giving a smile but a “bye
you didn’t know your feelings
and up till now u still don’t
but i did.    
—from the very start i knew.
but yet knowing you, like i knew myself
i still expected a nicely wrapped gift
when u had let me down.

from another perspective/ replying to @childofgodyay (carelessly)
Amber Feb 8
tears like sleeping pills for the sleep
slashes for stress relief
thoughts for scaring oneself
broken keys and pitches
for the melodies one can’t sing
broken mirrors
i hate me
Amber Feb 8
tears     just won’t fall
or— I will
be the one fAlliNg aPArT
Amber Jan 16
when we were young we all wanted to grow up
but now that we are all grown up we want to go back to when we were young

when we were a child we were carefree, naive and playful with much time to spare
now that we are all grown up we are trapped in our own cells throwing the keys out
time slipping through our hands
as if we are trying to hold water with our bare hands
no matter how hard u try to keep it the more it goes away
and all we wanted when we were young was to grow up?
Amber Jan 12
i can’t seem to forget your face
the way u smiled at me
the way u speak to me
your voice i yearned to hear
the way u looked at me as i gazed
how u played with my hair carelessly
and rested on my shoulders
and how your back look when u walked away and left me
  Jan 7 Amber
some nights i intentionally listen to songs
that make me think of you
even though i know it’s going to hurt
perhaps even because it’s going to hurt

some nights i intentionally listen to songs
to feel my heart break just a little more
to remind myself that you didn’t take it
with you when you left

it may be broken
but it’s mine
and if i don’t have you
at least i have that

at least i have me
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