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Elizabeth Apr 2019
When I met you I was thrilled,
I couldn’t believe that you were real.
I tried my best to get to know you,
And I thought that we fell in love,
It’s such a shame that I was the only one.
I was always there for you,
But you didn’t see,
Everyone was telling me to let go,
But I wanted us to be.
I wish I could go back in time and fix everything that was wrong,
But I can’t do that if I’m dead and gone.
The girl that used to love you has withered in vain,
She vanished from this world,
She couldn’t live in pain.
Now, I’m a shell of a person I used to be.
You are just another stranger to me.
Elizabeth Apr 2019
My quill is writing on it’s own,
Trying desperately to engrave
The words my mind has sown:
“Just let go”
In this abyss there is no hope,
My heart is crying
While my mind is dancing.
Elizabeth Mar 2019
When I asked you what your favorite color was,
It wasn’t randomly.
I wanted to know so I could paint the whole world with it.
Cold blue, you answered.
I thought of the sky, the stars,
I thought of the sea and the smell of the wild.
I thought of the first snow and honest laughter,
I thought of high mountains and fresh air,
I thought of life and everything we have to bear.
I thought of your smile,
I thought of you.
You’re the only thing that mattered,
And you still do.
Even though this unrequited love has been crushing my lungs,
I’m still hugging it fiercely like a mad person.
You still linger in this foolish heart of mine.
And every time I look above,
At this blue sky,
You’re the only thing that comes to mind.
So I smile.
And that’s how the cold blue has become the warmest color I’ve ever known.
Elizabeth Mar 2019
Why is it that I can’t fight this emptiness echoing through me?
I’ve lasted this long,
Sometimes I dream,
What is it like to be free?

To breathe without drowning?
To love without falling apart?
To walk with hopping?
To have a whole heart?

With chains of pain around me,
I spend my days in limbo,
Between death and living,
I’m still trying to let go.

Every person I meet,
Tells the same story
Of how they weep,
And how they sprung to glory.

They always talk too much,
But never listen,
That’s why they’ll never know,
Why my eyes glisten.
Elizabeth Mar 2019
I’ve strained from my path
A long time ago,
If only I could break free
From this filthy world.
My soul is searching
For a glimpse of light,
In this dark night
If only stars would shine bright.
I wish to sail far away
To a peaceful place,
Where my mind won’t rage,
I’m sick of being in this cage.
I’m tired of plastered smiles,
And white lies,
I’m tired of fake love,
And dark skies.
Of expectations,
And regrets,
Of weeping,
And sweats.
I just want to fly free,
With no worries,
Finally leaving behind,
All of my furies.
Elizabeth Feb 2019
I am standing here alone.
The rain consisting of my mere thoughts is drawing small ripples on the edges of deep, with love crafted cracks.
Flesh and blood is what I am,
Nothing more,
Nothing less,
And perhaps enough.
What used to be is not anymore,
And what is it now I’m not sure.
i can smell the fire becoming weaker,
Or maybe I am fooled by its smoke,
A wonderful disguise.
I hope we will meet again one day,
Fire and I,
And fill the cracks anew.
Peaceful dream.
Now, delicately,
I place flowers on the remains which I used to call home.
Elizabeth Feb 2019
I’m a floating balloon full of depression and crippling thoughts,
My spirit is completely tied in knots.
I’m not sad,
nor happy,
I’m just an echo of a person I used to be.
When one loses faith,
it is left to live in wraith.
It’s truly a thin line between madness and sanity.
Your words were always kind, yet you left me behind.
You’re just a black hole indeed,
I have to concede.
This burden I must bear,
I know it was a serious dare.
Your name rips me open each day,
I can’t seem to act this play.
After all your swings,
I got to learn a few things.
It’s not the heartbreak that kills you,
the void that comes after it does.
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