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cristina Feb 13
the trap is woven
a careless vibration warns
it's time for dinner
cristina Feb 13
I was for him


abandonment in its purest form.

what of he never said

if sacrificing myself or him

the two of us, we never swam in pristine waters

the ripples

- as in feeble whispers -

always seemed to spoil the truth

in my eyes it was both.

your obedient student, dear teacher

I was needed

as you were

by me

fawning, adoring,

caught in the waves

and never the flood had been so welcomed

and never drowning in it would feel more just


you yearned for my presence

I would ever accompany you

from afar

my dreams, hollow cave

you, forceful sea tide defiling the rock

once upon a time I was neither yours

nor mine to spoil

I belonged to my lonesome tears

as the scorching cold ate away my fierce apathy

for you I would have enjoyed every second

my eyes caught yours too many times

my feverish skin fewer

I regret so much

what your hand has never done

( eros )
two years ago
cristina Feb 13
you said you loved me
and refused to apologize
for making a painting out of my skin
in the same breath

I should have known
it wouldn't last
cristina Feb 12
you lulled me to sleep
with your sweet song
but then again

you never woke me up
- your love is dream
cristina Feb 11
you gifted me rope
and I used to will it a necklace
minor trigger warning
cristina Feb 11
I'm tired of dancing with the ghosts
you left behind
I was never yours to haunt
nor mine to torment

this house feels more whole now

I had it
cristina Feb 11
1st take
oftentimes I still struggle  
to keep in mind
that my life is no battlefield
that nobody’s purpose has been molded to bring me down
it still amazes me how the only words meant to make me fall
are my own

2nd take
oftentimes my mind is still a racing car
competing against beings so much more superior and human
I have to prove myself and reach up
always up, up, up, up – it’s never high enough
up in the clouds, fog in my head
I sometimes notice
how life is passing me by
longingly looking at me on the other side of the glass
so far away
and yet so close to the chances I regret never taking

3rd take
I always fantasized time would one day be my dear friend
unlike those old ladies
ever complaining about their white locks
so ashamed they’d colour them away like a flaw.
when I was a child
I promised I would love my white hair so much
like a well-earned and long-awaited prize
I would proudly strut in the streets
carrying in my purse the kind of contentment
only self-love can gift you.
and yet , as I breach from adolescence to adulthood
like an injured prey thrown to the wolves
I can’t help but already feel the weight of time
(ever ticking by my ear)
upon my spinning head – not what’s to come
but what I left behind.

4th take
oftentimes I still struggle
to function like a proper human being
in a room full of people
how can I be one of them?
there’s more days I am my mental illness
than days I trick myself into believing
I’m not.
I still consider myself a teen
that’s the age I was truly born
the shock of learning a prodigious pill can’t help you
surely does feel like dying
only to be thrown into a life
you never asked for
all over again.
unprepared as one always is
learning from scrap to make weapons
out of years of self-loathing
I still struggle to understand how
could I possibly love myself when my mind convinces me nobody else does.

5th and last take
do you even exist?
I ask myself when you finally decide to act up -
you have never given me a warning sign
a red flag
you’re unexpected and so **** good at making me doubt myself
and if I don’t believe me
who could I ever possibly believe?
I could choose to believe you
but I will never give you the satisfaction.

the strangest feeling is constantly being watched
but never truly seen,
but never really being heard –
you told me you are the only one who does not judge me.

there are days you know me
better than I know myself,
you are my best friend and comforter then
but I learned how to hate you when taking control of my body as if it were your own
using it as you please
destroying it so carefully
brings you so much power
(you always drain me
and I’m always tired)

your care was never selfless
but selfish and greedy
even when I give you what you want
desperate for silence and peace and loneliness
I was never truly free
the aftertaste of the words unwillingly spilling from my mouth
has always tasted so bitter

fighting you is a losing game anyway
I’m so ******* glad
if I go down, you’re coming with me

- to my anxiety disorder
this is an old piece I found in my drafts, since I have little time to write something new nowadays I decided to publish it
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