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N Pescador Jan 22
Im not sure if i already have moved on
But i saw you in my dream
I don’t know what does it mean
If i just missed you or you’re thinking of me
But im happy
Im happy that i saw you
Even if it was a dream
N Pescador Jan 22
There is a reason I said I'd be happy alone
It wasn't because I thought I'd be happy alone
it was because I know if I loved someone
then it fells apart
i might not make it
its easier to be alone
because what if you learn you need love then you don't have it
what if you like it and lean on it
what if you shape your life around it  then fells apart
can you even survive it?
that kind of pain
losing love is like dying
the only difference is death ends
this, it could be forever
N Pescador Jan 3
Somewhere between then and now,
It went from “Mom, stop telling me what to do”
To “Mom, please tell me what to do”

Somewhere between then and now,
It went from “Mom, you don’t understand”
To “Mom, I don’t understand”

Somewhere between then and now,
It went from “Mom, stop asking so many questions”
To “Mom, I have so many questions”

Somewhere between then and now,
It went from “Mom, leave me alone”
To “Mom, never leave my side”

Somewhere between then and now,
I realized the other half of my heart was always
The person who created it
N Pescador Mar 2020
you can't tell, you just know
you always do

no man in this earth
could keep secrets
from a woman like you

but i hate this idea
of knowing everything
and saying nothing
i hate this idea
of a woman being silent
N Pescador Mar 2020
sometimes the love you crave
can’t be found in the person you want
and wanting someone is not enough
to have them love you
N Pescador Mar 2020
you have been strong for so long
cry if you need to
scream if it helps
N Pescador Feb 2020
i wish
i wish
for love like this
a love like summer
being kissed by the sun
a love like winter
hugged and covered with snow
a love like night
being lit by the moon’s glow

i pray
i Pray
that this never fades away
many claims of being in love
but non of them ever stay

i hope
i hope
i rely in our love
i rely on your heart
i wish, i hope
i pray we never part
N Pescador Feb 2020
i cannot give you anything aside from comfort and company
you can hold my hands when you’re afraid of the certainties
i would envelope you with my warmth if you feel like you are being tired of everything that seems shaking your peace
you don’t need to worry about giving me any titles or place in your life
in this world and this lifetime
i can be your ultimate person without having the world to know it
it would be ok if it’s between you and me
i will be your constant companion
i’d like you to know that i won’t leave
as long as you need me
i will be here
N Pescador Feb 2020
i wish you loved you
as much as you loved him
N Pescador Feb 2020
understand that you tried your best
and that will always be enough
even when others are incapable
of appreciating it
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