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Ash Mar 2018
The insignificance of human life is found in those moments where you confront your own mortality
And realize that everything is as it ever was and is as it will ever be.
But I’m not ready to face the insignificance!
We're here now; living, breathing, writing. Does that count for naught?
I refuse to face the fact that one day no one will remember the people I love and cherish,
The people who make up my world.
I want everyone to know their names and beautiful horrid faces.
I want everyone to know the people who shaped me and thus, I want everyone to know me.
Jessica Jarvis Mar 2018
Crisp and articulated

Cool and elevated

Both, with shimmering
Waves and rays, will glimmer

While two live contrarily
Lightning and thunder;

Confrontation and unity
rarely exists without the other

But fire and rain
Are forbidden lovers

Refreshing and purposeful

Unified and spiritual

Both, with encouraging
Words to say, will linger

And both live harmoniously:
Love and serenity;

Coercion and synchronicity
Are necessarily together

For renewal and purity
Are meant for each other
Brianna Duffin Mar 2018
I was raised in Darkness
So Darkness I became
You wanted to leave me in a world of Darkness
So now I belong only to the world of Darkness
I hope you’re happy
Because I finally am.
Cross my heart and hope to die,
Darkness is my master and my home
Because I’ve never had another
And I know comforts in Darkness.
And as for the man, my partner as I think of him
He saw Beauty in my Darkness
I saw Darkness in his Beauty
We belong together.
Which leaves me in a good place, you realize.
The only thing left is you.
You aren’t my mama, Darkness is my mama.
But you abandoned me. Big mistake.
We have unfinished business, you realize.
And I so hate loose ends.
But wasn’t that how you saw me?
A loose end to tie up?
A piece of evidence to destroy?
Don’t ever try to touch me,
Don’t even think about trying to get inside my head
It’s much too dark for you in there.
I’m not a baby anymore,
I’m a beast full of Beauty and armed with Darkness.
This poem appears in full here:
eleanor prince Aug 2017
where does it lie
that fabled key
to grease all
savaged links
so music flows

when will it come
to challenge
structures old
still strewn about

who can I be
and still find me
as words fail
to still gales
of verbal blows          

why do feuds sear
shrouding sane
in concussed doubt
even a long friendship can at times sustain moments of intensity where strongly held positions clash, and in that suspended space much can be challenged and found confronting, yet yield valuable lessons
Daniel Mashburn Jul 2017
My father said, "Son, your poetry is technically proficient and you certainly have mastered style, but you just say the words outright. You don't hide the meaning behind guile."

He told me that poetry was for interpretation of the reader, I was just to merely guide feeling but it was up to the reader to have to think.

Well, Dad. I think I'll have to disagree.

For me, poetry was a way to confront my fears of failure. To say the words I couldn't speak. To handle the loss of friends and family. To cope with the things that make me weak.

I suppose what I'm saying, Father, is I think poetry can be a narrative, just like any prose. So I'll keep writing the way I do, and hopefully it'll be good enough for you.

And if I'm wrong, I won't be great. I will fade into the obscurity of eternity, but somehow that seems satisfactory to me.
JayceeJellies Jun 2017
struggles occur,
often I'll juggle many
in attempt to avoid them
and pretend I'm empty;
nothing can hurt me!
but eventually I mess up
and break the tossing.
One struggle breaks
right after the other,
and in the end
I usually feel much better.
Nothing is as bad as it seems, just lay it all out in front of you. You can get through anything.
kevin hamilton Jun 2017
at dusk
the lights went out
and never came back
left my earthly husk
through the lips
the whiskey spoke
and it sounded nice
easy party trick
broke into your medicine cabinet
and saw my face
in the bathroom mirror

stay awake
and we'll stare at each other
until we become familiar.
Benji James May 2017
Living in a time
where nothing feels quite right
Why does it feel like
All eyes are on you
I’m just trying to live
and express the best way that I can do
people criticise every opinion you display
but I guess that is okay
that is the sacrifice we have to make
with freedom of speech anyway

I don’t want to become
numb to the fact
that people are turning their back
on love, on love
In a world rooted in hate
some of us are just looking
for a better way

Everywhere I seem to look
Everything I seem to hear
is spoken in words out of fear
From the left to the right
Nothing ever seems to reach compromise
Am I looking from the inside out
Does this world seem to be
tipping upside down
Because I can’t figure this out
Looking at reflections
In deep thoughts now
Don’t know how this will turn out
Got grave fears for this earth now

I don’t want to become
numb to the fact
that people are turning their back
on love, on love
In a world rooted in hate
some of us are just looking
for a better way

There is a tension growing in the air
I can feel those icy cold stares
Trying to focus on thoughts inside
Emotions exploding through my mind
Happy, scared, confused, rage
change in an instant at times
And I’m still thinking what can I do
Change is something that I want to
Some people just say things
without thinking it through
and the implications of the harm
That it can cause
People scream and shout with force
Just hope that your argument
comes from a reliable source

I don’t want to become
numb to the fact
that people are turning their back
on love, on love
In a world rooted in hate
some of us are just looking
for a better way

©2017 Written By Benji James
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