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Niamh Collins Mar 30
your eyes trace my skin
count my freckles
reel me in

my breathing is heavy
the space between us is thin
kiss me already
either way, you win

i've tried to change my mind
practice what i preach
go back in time

when you think of me at night
wrapped up in your thoughts
hunt for me, lover
tell me what you find.
sara Oct 2019
I thought you'd fix the pain inside.
Your eyes left me nowhere to hide.
Naked, vulnerable, on top,
I sat there, sensitive to touch.

It didn't fix the emptiness,
I think it made it worse somehow.
The rifts inside my soul grew wide
as all the love we had poured out.
paige shiffer Mar 23
making love to the sound of the rain
i am trying to mask this deep pain
this affliction only comes to light when i am
naked in the dim of the night
i do not know why
he makes me feel safe, he makes me cave
but when we **** i can’t tell if i’m sane
i try to stay in the moment but it’s done in vain
when won’t this give me a migraine
when you have complicated trauma
Mrs Timetable Mar 23
My jigsaw puzzle
Just added a thousand pieces
Of all the same color
My crossword puzzle
Just added a thousand clues
No erasers allowed
My word puzzle
Just added the whole dictionary
Can’t spell it? Look it up
My inquisitive puzzled face
Just challenged you
Take it and solve me
There’s bonus points
his heart seemed to be made of steel
and to cracking it, was not the deal.

feelings were forbidden
so I kept mine hidden

he had a cute smile and a good taste in music
but his attitude was confusing

I wonder about the temperature of his heart
to get to feel it, must be art

I knew it couldn’t be this cold
„everyone has emotions“ I once was told

sometimes he was gentle
and it made me believe that I will find him sentimental

so I kept trying to find the key
tried to sneak into his heart and teach him how to be free

I even got to experience a glimpse of his warm heart
but then life took us apart

and the day he had lost me, he would have finally found something that set his heart on fire

- gio, 27.12.2019
Es Mar 14
"why won't you talk to me?"

"if i do, i'll fall for you,
i'll want to hold you close
and kiss you, that's what you
make me want to do.
But i can't, you're with him
and he's my friend, i can't
talk to you, i'll fall for you."

I lost my best friend, he lost his first love, me.
-es's poetry
Samael Jan 20
We are complication
Dancing in the night without a care in our heads
Loving each other like we’d someday share beds
But still merely holding on by a thread

We are denial
Blaming ourselves for mistakes that never could’ve been avoided
Feeling that one another would be better off without the other
And missing the big picture hidden within the darkness of our cover

We are the night
Talking until we fall asleep and loving every minute of it
Yet feeling that we went wrong somewhere down the line
Yet continuously loving each other just the same

We are beautifully broken
We’ve been broken down by our pasts
We’ve never known what it’s like to truly be loved by anyone
Yet we love as if we’ve known how to for thousands of millennia
seluring Mar 8
maaaring pwede at maaaring hindi,
lungkot laban sa ngiti,
ikaw laban sa ako,
tayo laban sa mundo.

sa bawat sandali na nakakasama ka,
ang mga ngiti sa labi’y ‘di maipinta,
ngunit sa kabila nito’y may mga humuhusga,
mabuting itigil daw ito dahil hindi tama.

ano nga bang dapat na gawin?
sa mga alaalang ginawa natin,
mga bugso ng ating damdamin,
itutuloy pa ba o pipilitin na lamang pigilin?
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Jay M Mar 5
I was always a little
              ­                                 E
     ­                                                       C
        ­                                                         A
                                                               ­       T
                                                        ­                   E
And have always been  a f r a i d
Of  f a l l i n g  a p a r t
Until I met you

Then I wasn't so scared anymore
That was before
I messed up
You had filled my cup
But now it only has a sip left
There was a theft
I gave you my heart
Now I'm left with only part
But that's okay -

I can be patient until things calm down
I might frown
But that's just because I miss you
And I'm wondering if you miss me too

Wrote you a letter
Gonna send it once things get better
But for now
I wonder how
Everything went so wrong
But I'll just work on making things right
As my hope takes flight
That maybe one day
You'll be able (and want) to come back and say
You want me back

For now, Love,
I'm waiting for you
And I will do
Whatever it takes
To be okay
While you are away
And to be myself
Instead of letting it sit on a shelf

Love is fragile
It takes a while
To be steady
And it cracks
But gets patched up
We would lie on our backs
Talk about when we are grown up
Now you've got to go focus
I think I'll grow some crocus
Flowers to admire
I'll sit by the fire
To warm my half-a-heart
While we are apart

Darling, I will wait
This is fate
For now, there's no one to hold me tight
Memories of your arms around me
All of our memories - they won't leave me be
Because I'm so in love with you
And I really hope you still are too

I'll be here
My dear
Waiting for you
Do what you need to do
Then I hope you'll come find me
And we can be
Just you and me
Once again

- Jay M
March 5th, 2020
He and I...we're not allowed to talk to each other until our grades are better and we get a handle on school, and he and his mom talked - and decided that he's not ready for a relationship right now... His mom told me I haven't heard a thing from him. So we're broken up...due to school... I'll wait for him as long as it takes, and if he wants me back once everything settles then here I'll be.


Love, if somehow you read this, know that it's okay and I'll be right here waiting for you if you want me back. For now just focus on school, and everything will be okay. I love you..
Jane Feb 13
Forest green, with the hazel sun, I analyse your eyes

"What are you thinking?"

Just how exactly have you changed my norm?

Is it how you make me feel at home, belonging?

Is it how you make me feel in love, yearning?

Is it how you make feel at ease, calming?

The existence of you is perplexing

How can you be so caring?
How can you be so tender?
How can you be so forgiving?
How can you be so thoughtful?

How can you know me so well?

I've built walls, you re-constructed them.
I've been silent, you've read my mind.

Sleeping, is something I’ve preferred alone,
you overcame the comfort of my solitude

You and I are a perfect balance
the pragmatic and the intuitive
the diligent and the ardent

The weight of what I feel for you has it's gravity,
There are times when I say
I love you
I tear up

I'm afraid to think anything bad of you,
Because you bring out everything good in me.

You don't change me, you evolve me
I was so worried I'd make a mistake,
I was blinded to the greatest choice I made.

Thank you,
For You.

My love, My home, My Best Friend

I love you
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