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David Jan 22
I see you crying
because of the dark shadow in me,
but your sorrow is my sorrow
as your happiness is my happiness and
I want to cry too,
I want to cry with you,
trying to comfort you
when it's impossible to
because I am what I am
and I can't change the past,
I can change myself
and I can't do nothing more than staying with you,
hugging you in our tears,
maybe we will cry forever
thinking about how good it would have been
if I really were a better person
as you believed when you chose to stay with me.
I want to watch the sky with you
and give you a star to make you happier,
but I know it's not enough,
I just want to take care of you,
stay in my arms,
I'm always here,
I want to make you feel warm,
singing you a lullaby
because I love you infintely,
there's no love like you,
because your feelings are my feelings,
and your heart is one and dual with mine,
and my biggest dream is to see you fly again one day,
high in the sky,
higher and higher
towards the sun
and there will be
no more tears,
no more shadows,
just the shine in your eyes
to smile again.
I wrote this poem to my ex girlfriend after an argument.
In few words I told her I didn't believe her, but I was angry just because I missed her, always away from me.
Deadwood Jawn Jan 14
Come and face your  a b y s s .
Eternal  d a r k n e s s .
Peripheral  b l i n d n e s s .
34 degrees  C e l s i u s .
Pure  s i l e n c e .
Dried, orange-hot  a s h .

Come to me when you can

ṣ̛̰̤̬̩͔̱̬͝ ̙̯̯̱͈̘͇̟̩̕͝h̘͔̗̬̀ ͇̤͎̘̠͕̱̻́͝a̡̮͙͈͜͝ ̱̭͇͖͍̙ͅd̷̪͕̺̭̳̪̻͎ ̴̸̖̮͠o̧͇̱͔̦ ͕͔͠w̸̬̗̭̩̳͢

Face your abyss. Face it!
Fathur Abinaya Dec 2018
You are as beauty as the moonlight, shining bright inside my darkest side.
Aaron LaLux Oct 2018
Nobody Knows McQueen

Why do mad men,
act so happy,
what do bad men,
feel so good,

nobody knows,

do you have to lose the sanity,
to find,
the genius,

nobody knows,

do the brightest lights,
the darkest shadows,

nobody knows,

can’t have the beach,
without the ocean and the sand,
can’t have bliss,
without the pain,

what a paradox we are,
us this Human Species,
all us actors just acting sans practice,
in deafening silence commiting acts of violence peacefully,

in this repulsively attractive romantically tragic,
dramatic sci-fi thriller comedic fantasy,
where we rarely do what we say,
even though we all say what we mean,

constantly on a conquest to find Plato’s Atlantis,
expressing ourselves through our art like Alexander McQueen,
which makes sense in a way since we’re all dressed up with nowhere to go,
and even though that may be so we still wear our hearts on our sleeves,

half peasant have emperor,
have invented have inventor,
half daughter/son half mother/father,
half created have creator,

only hope is that this sadness somehow leads to a happily ever after,

once gone,
only that odor lingers,
is it cologne or perfume,
no one knows or cares it’s 2018 it doesn’t matter,

nothing matters,
even though it feels like everything does,
or maybe everything matters,
and nothing feels like it does,

I don’t know,
and I don’t know if I care,
don’t have the answers,
and if I did I probably wouldn’t share,

or maybe I would,
and I’d do so through these words,
like a man stranded on an island with a universe full of knowledge,
sending these messages in these bottles as my parting gift to this world,

see we’re all on our way,
so have some fun before you go,
is there life after death,
maybe not maybe so nobody knows,

why do mad men,
act so happy,
what do bad men,
feel so good,

nobody knows…

∆ LaLux ∆
PoetryHeals Apr 2018
The way her wavey locks flow like there's no matter in the world.
The color of her nails that are darker than the depths of the Abyss.
The memories we share, ones that will always make me smile wider than the Persian Gulf.
Her morals and ways could inspire Satan himself to be better.
You see, finding a pretty face is easy.
But finding an impeccable soul as such is where the hard part lays. A soul, by no means, perfect but yet flawless in a world filled with hatred and demise. In it's own struggle finding ways to not only survive, but thrive. Blossom in ways unknown to man thus far.
... I know what you're thinking:
"How can such a person exist?"
I would tell you: "she doesn't"...
No one is as perfect as a poem.
Two words: Dark Side.
Now is the part where I lose your attention because she is no longer THAT. What you haven't yet thought of is the way she handles and drives that darkness... inside there lays a scintilla of madness and humor you are yet to discover; but oh when you do...
It's a whole new world.
will you love me when I'm dead
when all the words are put to bed
when all the painful thoughts are shed
and you can live in bliss

will you love me when I'm dead
when shadows let you sleep instead
when ghosts no longer make you dread
my malignant goodnight kiss

will you love me when I'm dead
when I can't feed your hungry head
when all your thoughts will be spoon fed
I'll await your soul in the abyss
there are times when I feel that my poetry is not always wanted and my thoughts of the other side bring darkness to this side for those I love - and that may well be true
Kabelo Maverick Feb 2018
Fool’s fury like a fuse,
ignites the well inventory
Careful, I’m fuming my muse,
I might just tell the infant story
Burned and banned, pages mistaken for gambit
Learn about a Man whose sage is taken for granted
Desires so inspired sometimes the eyes go fiery
He denies it all inside, sometimes the tides go feisty
Surreal catastrophes when this young man’s
resilience’ pushed to the limit
Real Atrocities haunt him more than the
villains of Kush and Kemet  
3 witches align his life like Macbeth,
3 wishes grind his knife, it spikes backpack.
shaynespeare Feb 2018
all these colors in my eyes
beyond were hidden lies
try it all and cross the line
forthwith you won't be fine
Keerthi Kishor Feb 2018
But how can someone
fall in love with the Moon
knowing it has a darker side?
"There isn't much choice, is there?"
I may be like a candle
when the light is faded
the melt is cleansed
then I vanish
I'm still want to illuminate the dark side
but I have no chance.
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