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G Mar 5
Thank you!'s such an honor to be here today and accept this award for most angry person.

Truly! It's an honor. I mean...I have sooo many people to thank.

Let's start with my mom. God...thank you for the childhood trauma. I mean forcing me to raise myself since I was like 7....stellar! Great stuff!

My dad! Thank you sooo much for your Bipolar genes and your tendency to throw money at your problems. Outstanding!

My fellow award winners. I look upon you with such esteem. To think...I accepted nominations for so many other categories! Least trustworthy, most codependent, and ah my favorite...lack of empathy!

Ah, such a great crowd this year! I wanna thank each and everyone one of you for coming out and supporting my demise. An end of era is upon us...please, join in the madness.
G Mar 2019
A hungry gaze, dissipated haze. From across the room his hunger stays.

Tears glisten yet no one listens. Madness and depression her brain descends.

Yet she has no choice...she's one of the boys. Get a doctorate, make something of yourself, stop playing with your broken toys...either way you'll be damed to hell..

She lied, they say. Made it all up, they say. He cries his reputation is ruined, I mean he never laid a hand on you anyway...Haven't you ever done something stupid when you're drunk?

Appointed to the highest hall, I guess some people are untouchable after all...

Ah...what it is to be white and male in America..

Land of the free so long as you've paid the fee,
SIT DOWN....Don't you know girls are to be seen not heard?

So, the first time she speaks her mind, the scales of justice pull her taught from behind, all too similar to the predicament she'd find herself in...all those nights ago....

This is the story of a woman who lost it all, trying to save us from the infamous Kavanaugh.

I wonder how many Bretts do you know? How many more have we yet to meet?
This entire suit was an injustice so assault victims everywhere.
G Mar 2019
There once was a ledge way out at the edge, of the world,
Where one day a man found himself in the hands of the girls, who lived in The Land of Do as You Please.

The man was aghast for he remembered the past when the girls would sit with their hands behind their backs, and promise to wait on his beck and call.

So when he returned to the land he was distinctly appalled, for none of the girls paid him any attention at all. He took them and shook them, and called them all out. Screaming and Screaming " Ma'am what's this all about?"

Finally, out of all of the noise, emerged a beautiful woman full of grace and poise. She said to the man, " Sir! Get down on your knees! For after all, this is The Land of Do as You Please!" So without further ado the man took off his shoes, shaking with anger for he didn't like to lose. He looked at the woman with anger and spite, and lifted his fist with all of his might. Before the man with the oversized hands, could land a blow, the beautiful woman's eyes started to glow.

She turned bright red, looked to him and said, " Well my good sir, I think you might be just dead!"

With a final breath rattling from his chest, the big man lay his head down to rest. The woman sighed and looked around, for there were piles and piles of other men laying on the ground. All meeting the same fate as the last, each of their ideals also stuck in the past. The woman turned smiling glee, knowing she was finally safe, in The Land of Do as You Please.
G Jun 2018
Over the past few months things have changed
From worse to indifferent,
to maybe even tolerable.

But why?
That's what I can't figure out.
Now that your man left,
and your pocket's in a drought
you're nicer?

Why? I won't play your games.
Won't fall prey to your ways.
So what do you want with me?

I'm confused, skeptical at best.
I've got an "It's too good to be true feeling"
spreading throughout my chest.

I'm sure it's all for show
and the real you will soon rise.
Arousing your true colors.
showering us in our own demise.

Until that day, I guess time will only tell.
Your good side and bad raging a war from hell.
You see I hope this is real, and the lies are in the past,
I hope this is real,
but we all know.... this won't last.
G Feb 2018
You’re dead. That’s blunt, but it’s true. In September, my world fell apart and shattered in two, now my world’s all ****** up and I’m not sure what to do.

You left me alone in a new world full of old lies. Left me to drown in my sorrow, with feelings I despise. You were my go to. My anchor, my rock. And now that your gone, these feelings won’t stop.

I’ve been wanting to write for a while. But I can’t seem to find, the words that make sense to form these thoughts in my mind. There’s not a word in any language that can describe this loss I feel. A loss that I wish was totally unreal. I’ve been praying to anyone that this all was a mistake. But recently I’ve learned that religion is fake.

Filled with reality, and deflated false hope. I’ve come to one conclusion, I’ve decided to float. Atop my feelings of loss and despair. I’ve decided not to end this, so I’ll just stop it there.
I’ll always miss you
G Feb 2018
God. Who’s he?

A figment of your imagination, a phantom of my reality?

Who read in a book written a millions years from now, that for only a “small fee” rebirth can be found?

Wanna get to heaven? Sounds great! Make sure to slide a 20 on top of the collection plate.

telling lies like a poor man can get to heaven, oh honey, only the rich can afford wine and anointed caskets. Take your rags to the back, throw some pennies on the plate, we’ll give you the “salvation” you clearly lack for love and understanding.

Our pastor needs another Ferrari, meanwhile
You don’t have a car. Just show up every Sunday, and we promise you’ll rest with the stars.

For $19.99 confess all your sins. Tell it all to a stranger, say some prayers, then do it over again.

This is religion, the largest capital regime. So remember next Sunday, is not always what it seems.
G Feb 2018
A glance to the right, and she walks through the door. Two seconds too long lingering on her face. Assessing the “threat”, finally looking away.

Country music blares, we’re seated at the bar. She couldn’t get a drink until I walked in. “Service with a smile” they say......**** that.

Driving down the road I’m stopped at a light. A cop pulls up next to us. She begins to shake.....

A joke taken too far, she’s forced to laugh. Convince herself it’s funny so it doesn’t hurt.
compare her skin to paint being chipped away time and time again until there’s nothing left.

Comparison. Yes. Compare her to the “friend” you have. You mean that one black guy you spoke to once. I mean you guys were polite so it counts right? Nice guy, never had a problem with him.......wait why would you?

I never understood until I met you. Now I’m ashamed. Ashamed of my pigment of who those people are, convincing myself day after day I’m not like the others. Asking for repentance for the sins I’ve been taught to commit in the past. A 10 year old racist child a model of her mother the epitome of casual racism. Adopting pop culture I’ll never appreciate or understand. Liking “hip-hop” but making remarks about the singers.

I met you and my blindness is gone. However my privilege remains. A broken tattered skin that I’m forced to remain in. Claiming a heritage that I’d **** to make disappear.

I wish  I could protect you. wrap my arms around you tell the whole world they’re wrong and never let go. I’d buy you a space suit, to protect you from the contaminated air, and the hate behind those meaningful stares. Cover you in a blanket of love and healthy normalcy.

If only love could break down walls and form revolutions. Because if it could, baby this would be a world full of real people and real solutions.
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