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JMG Oct 2010
Take one, take two, take them all.
You'll be so much bigger when you feel so small
Feel the rhythm of the chemicals,
As you're dancing through it all.
Feel the rhythm of the chemicals,
As it slowly makes you fall,
Into oblivion......

Feel the romance. Feel it hold you.
Feel it warm you when you're cold.
Will the romance make you sin again?
It will surely make you cold.

It will open up its eyes to you
Show you the religion in itself
The sinners become your only friend.
And the chemicals your GOD.
So when you're down and feeling guilty,
Call to your chemicals.
You'll be absolved.

Feel the rhythm of the chemicals.
Feel them dance within your veins.
Feel the romance from your chemicals.
Feel them grow into your brain.

Feel the rhythm of your God.
Let him rearrange your faith.
Feel the rhythm of the chemicals
Feel the rhythm 'til you're cold.
JG, 2009
Shani May 2010
The chemicals have corrupted his soul
Agitated past all control
What are his goals
Where are his dreams
They got scared of what he was turning into , and ran away in a fit of screams
Eyes gleaming
Figure leaning in a haze of smoke
Inhale happiness , exhale excess dope
Sip some more *** and coke
Chemicals coarse through his veins
Up into his brains
It's the chemicals
They've corrupted his thoughts
And worse
The chemicals have corrupted his soul