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em Sep 27
this world spins way too fast
my head turns a little too slow
im so lost
em Sep 24
when i was little my sister showed me a movie,
a man's daughter got murdered, and yet, he forgave the murderer.

you were my first real encounter with death.
you were the one who killed me, long before i'll stop breathing.
i don't think you even know that you killed me
em Sep 4
out of nowhere
a magician pulled out
a beautiful bunch of flowers
and with a snap of a finger
it was gone
same tense
em Sep 3
the trees have ears
they're the only ones who hear me cry
shhhh, can you hear them whisper in the breeze?
em Aug 30
we weren't meant to be like this
you can build up as many walls as you want
to protect your stone cold heart

but that's not the way we were made
our bodies pump warm

and underneath those stones
your heart
is still soft
despite the struggle it faces to keep beating

you weren't made to do that
deja vu
em Jun 30
i have a fire in my soul
but i let people walk on me and put it out

because if you get too close
fire burns.
em Jun 26
things have to fall apart
so that they can fall into place
puzzle piece
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