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  3d em
Take me seriously
I know what's the feeling

I hold my brain to sleep
My soul walks in the rain

I locked my voice inside a book
My sight remains unknown

I can't be myself
I know myself well

Maybe it's not my fault
I don't know
em Mar 16
this old house
creaks and groans
long past an unspecified expiration date

straining under pressures
it shouldn't have to bear
this old house should've collapsed a long time ago
****** ****** ****** ******
em Mar 14
this isn't fair
my soul
screams louder than the blizzard raging on outside

life isn't fair
i'm tired of this whole living thing
it's not a type of tired that sleep can fix

i don't want to feel ever again.
bad day, i still love you though im glad we're still together but i can't live anymore
em Mar 12
here are the words i'll never say to you.
i love you, truly.
it's a soul crushing love,
one you can physically feel.
all i feel now
is my lost soul
itself with you.
when was the last time you saw an earthworm like genuinely I haven't seen one in a really long time and i'm so concerned for the earthworms
em Feb 22
there are times like these
i feel so lost
no beacon
no hope
where am i supposed to go?
nap time
em Feb 8
my head is spinning around you like galaxies
baby please
em Dec 2018
for the longest time
i believed love
was nothing but
a hope filled fantasy

i met you
and everything changed.
things are better now thanks to you
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