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𝐀𝖓𝖓𝖆 Sep 2020
We're just a thing,
Connected to other thing.
And the thing we're connected to,
Spins and spins,
Bigger and most magnificent than us,
But just as meaningless.
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2020
Night changes and spins around
Bitter day will follow suit
A purple frosty evening
Turning black as soot
Isaac Nov 2018
You and I live on a ball
That runs its race without tiring at all.
It gently spins at a constant pace,
Proudly carrying the human race.
How long will you and I be here?
Forever, till when we disappear.
The future and past now are not.
Our present self is what we have got.
So give your heart and soul into this moment.
It is here for you to play with, so pwn it!
Written 17 November 2018
There's this girl
And this girl
She makes my mind whirl
To the point where I want to twirl
And when you twirl
You're head spins
My head spins for this girl
The feelings I have for her are rural
I've hit uncharted land
Uncharted feelings
And uncharted sand
My love can be compared to a beach
It's long and predictable
But some things about it are unthinkable
My love for you just feels aboriginal and unequivocal
Because I've never felt so much for one person and to me
You are just irresistible
You make me feel something I've never felt before
Something unoriginal
I can try to lie and say I was lucky enough to feel this
But I never have until you
My feelings are just inexplicable
But that must be what this is
What else can it be?
It must be luck to be this lovestruck
Is it luck?
Well in all actuality I'm happy
Wether it was just luck or me
I'm just happy it came to be
Being with you
I've never felt so free
Tehreem Oct 2016
I die each day everyday
With the spins of earth
I have lived only in you
Some more I wish to die
sweetest poison.
Sarah Caitlyn Sep 2016
The world spins as I breathe
But it will continue when I stop.
I look at the clock,
and time seems to stop.
You're all I want,
we've both waited so long.
I look at this clock; 11:25
next thing I know I'm in bed
by your side.
I look at the clock,
and my head spins.
When I see your face,
I can't help but grin.
I miss you Logan.
Kambry Wilson Mar 2016
Usually I'm calm
I'm easy to be with
But around you?
I'm *******.
My heart pounds
My knees go weak
My head spins
And I fumble
Over speech?
But that isn't me
It's the me
You want me to be
I don't stutter
I don't freak
But around you..
I'm *******.
I don't know about this. I'm bored and have ****** writer's block.
Carolyn Jul 2014
Hi is an idea
and the idea
moves through your head
and your head spins
is a reason
this reason is sorrow
Sorrow leads to tomorrow
once again a poem inspired by another poem  that I dont remember

— The End —