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Your value does not depreciate
with time- rather
I thirst for
more of
of wine
You are a steaming cup of coffee
Perched between frostbitten fingertips
Sipped from calloused and busted up lips
With a permanent blackish-blue hue

You are taking that very first swig
Following a night slow and restless
Warmth flowing down the esophagus
To thaw a heart frigid and askew

You accompany a cigarette
Where smoke lingers in a polluted chest
You are a breath of air so soft and fresh
All I crave every morning is you
FrankieM Mar 13
Intimacy is holding each other
Close enough to fit in a casket

Perpetual serenity
Breathing in each other’s carbon dioxide.
FrankieM Mar 6
I need to stop being such a sap
I have to leave that job to the trees
But with the high I get off your air
I can’t stop writing lame poetry

Another little chump loser stuck
With birds circling around his head
Under your richly green canopy
I‘m sure he would much rather be dead

A poet and hopeless romantic
What a “unique” horrible cliche
Recounting recounting syllables
Your sap keeps him trapped in such a daze

This sucker thinks he’s in love again
Must have fell straight from the very top
And made a home safe in your warm shade
Now the poetry just cannot stop
FrankieM Mar 4
From a seed in my stomach
To a branch on my tree
Once nothing at all
Now you are my everything

I sit contently
As winter crawls into spring
Spring tumbles into summer
I’ll catch you when you fall

From birds singing in the morning
Til the crickets chirp at night
You’ll forever be my son
For without you there would be no light
FrankieM Feb 29
There is a mini-moon up in our sky!
A lonely asteroid caught while flying by
It was just yesterday I heard the news
A sweet surprise but he’ll be leaving soon

For we all have a purpose that’s unknown
Some even worry that their fear will show
But that’s okay, nothing is meant to last
“Forever” actually means “in the past”
FrankieM Feb 29
In a world scary and blue
Every love song seems
To be written about you
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