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FrankieM Jun 2020
You lay still in the morning light
That snuck in through
The cracks of the blinds
Welcomed but uninvited

It kisses you and I follow it’s lead
Slowly caressing down your cheek - I realize
I’ve seen such beauty once before
But only in my dreams
FrankieM May 2020
from last
When you
flung me up
Against the wall
I present myself to you
As empty and transparent
As the bottom of this bottle
|                                             |
|                                             |
\                                             |
/                                             /
|                                             \
\                                             |
/                                             |
|                                             |
\ Yet you still broke me /
FrankieM Apr 2020
To sleep next to you
Is a dream of it’s own
FrankieM Apr 2020
Broken broken record
Love songs on repeat repeat
I Got You Babe
Unchained Melody
Let It Let It Be Me
Every love song seems to be written about you.
FrankieM Apr 2020
Though the stars are in

            i                                                  ­       a
d                                          r        
                                 a                       r                     y

                                                 They still somehow


          For you seemed to have found your way
                     to me at just the perfect time
FrankieM Mar 2020
over every
word dripping
off of your tongue
flowing out of your lips
I pored over every word
filling up my lungs and
s u f f o c a t i n g m e
I pored over your
every word

             so         you       you         me     was          to
               when      said      loved      I        ready   

FrankieM Mar 2020
you say
I'm            the
one            who
shut             the
door             but
YOU'RE the one who
locked it? I just didn't
want your key anymore.
There's no room left
in my pockets.
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