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eurus Nov 2021
this facade has cost me damages beyond repair
bridges to ashes
glitter to sand
i feel undeserving of looking up the sky
how foolish of me to think i'd ever shine as bright
my fear coalesce into a person and i am running
running as fast as i can
exhaustion sitting heavy on my back
chains wrapping around my ankles
i trip over the roots of the past
and suddenly i am falling down a rabbit hole
with no end in sight
the stars, they are more stunning than i recall
i have never seen as many as tonight
oh, they twinkle, they wink at me
as i fall down deeper into the earth
dear stars, you must forgive me for my shameless mistake, okay? okay.
eurus Nov 2021
i am but a mere stranger in this ghost town
sitting on my throne with a silly little crown
here's to their words that cut to the bone
and the psychedelic skies guiding me home
eurus Nov 2020
legs dangling by the edge
of a roof, survivor of the winds
my stomach grumbles painfully
and i’ve grown numb to the cold night

our president is sleeping like a baby
unlike the new born next roof
lying in a bucket as a crib
and the elderly hanging on by a twig

everyone hasn’t stopped crying
since the rescue boat for vips passed by
but i already emptied myself
two typhoons ago, two weeks ago

i will not drown in the tears of ulysses
i will not lose any more of myself
i will not lose myself
so i can fight for those who did

my youthful rage goes beyond cruel weather
i will not let political leaders get away with ******
revolution transcends threats
we’ll make sure he never forgets

mister president, we are suffering
the consequences of your conceit
mister president, we are dying
with only our dignity left to eat
wrote this in ten mins out of anger. i’m still shaking. if you could pls pls take some time to look into what’s happening in the philippines and donate to help those stranded in submerged areas like cagayan and isabela. $1 = 50PHP. it could feed one family. reminder not to donate to the government but to direct donation drives instead!
eurus Nov 2020
gives definition to the word eloquence
your language speaks the clarity my tongue has been craving
squeeze my heart gently, just enough to make me recall
the restless nights spent questioning the purpose of my trauma
and sunrise epiphanies untangling me hostage from my own brain

abandoning my skeleton shipwreck by the shore
my ****** feet claw onto the rock edges
slowly climbing their way up to the cliffside
i dive backwards into the swirling tides
the only way to survive is to be one with the current
and learn that your pain has made you wiser than the sirens
poetry, honey, you are the muse of my healing
i am a ferocious sea storm only you are capable of showcasing
eurus Nov 2020
running around the neighborhood
longing for your mellifluous voice
my heart has been begging for a taste
of your sweet affection
since you left a bitter goodbye
in my rusted mailbox
the roof used to be for stargazing
now a memorial of our love
the fireflies line up next to me
as if to replace your presence
denial, denial, denial
driving me hysterical
all alone in our suburban little town
hi i’m scared this is my first post

— The End —