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For Humanity,
For Society,
For Yourself.
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
When others behave negatively
towards me,
my compassion is steadfast
for myself and others
because I am aware
that only with a compassionate attitude
can I achieve
joy and happiness
for myself and others.
Always receiving that award,
Since I was young
"Most behave goes to..."
Always hearing name
I got the fame
From having it

They congratulate me
They think it's easy
They think I'm happy
They don't know I'm lonely

Always ignored
Always forgotten
Behind those smiles I gave,
My heart wants to be saved

Receiving 'Most Behave'
Is what I hate
Not because I have too many of those
But because it reminds me that I'm just a dark deep behind the shadows.
Hi! Hope you like it and yeah I always got "Most behave" since I was young and seriously I really got many of those haha
emme m Feb 2017
up high our bodies breathe
when we’ve found what we seek
at night our minds will speak
what to lose and what to keep

some say we’re dumb and weak
but we know we should sleep
we feel young and free
it don’t matter when they preach

stay youth stay
please don’t let go
we'll try to behave
but there’s so much we don’t know

go go away
we need to be alone
no, we can’t be saved
someday we’ll grow old
Arcassin B Apr 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

While I continue to search for the purpose
I should have possessed along time ago
While I was still kicking and screaming
Fading away and took hold of my soul,
Now I have no idea where I'll end up when
I die,
Probably somewhere in hell fire at the end
Of a chain and a whip begging God to give
Me what I deserve,
But as a mistake I deserve nothing,
Why do I have to be any different than he or
Why can't I just be stronger than both parties,
Dark , depressing, and lonely like premature
Born into a world that teaches you it's wicked ways,
I pray,
For all that have to live in the so-called "ghetto",
I pray,
These bad memories will disappear in time,
I pray that every single bad thing I've experienced
And wasn't good at will advance and make me into
The human being I need to be,
But the Lord doesn't hear me,
At least the Lord I'm praying to will agree,
Most of us sit with our mouths shut,
And bathe in this indecency,
But no one is listening.
Syreena Phelps Dec 2014
I let you in
And you tear right through
Just to make me regret
All the things i do

You break me down
And i Shatter all over
To make me think at one point
You were my lucky clover

Tore me apart
'Till i couldn't breathe
Gasping for air
Acknowledging that you would never grieve

If I died today
Or if i died tomorrow
You could be the cause
But that would bring no sorrow

So take my word
As you try to push back into my life
I truly hate you
And I'd come at you with a knife

The knife you came at me with
The knife that held me still
The knife that will **** you
And that shall be a thrill

So stand back
Cause now, I'm stronger
And if you don't believe me
You won't be around much longer.

— The End —