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ilo Aug 16
Monty hated that lil red car
wanted to beat it with an ol' stick
beat the man in it too!
but if they ever saw him
they don't know what they'd do
couldn't take the risk of bein' a statue

red car in their dream
man mash them 'gainst the wall
trapped and in tears
monty wakes up yellin' fire
ilo Aug 2020
this is a token
my secret slogan
my secret identity
running from thy entity
calls itself nomadic
when it’s just problematic

I demonize
“devil worship”
in a blissful harmony
Death be my pillow and Life my pillar
mutually exclusive
I write with a blank head
this head is dead, kaput
filled with helium
and soot
I looked alive
and now I delve
I devour
my body filled with wheat
now of flour
ilo Aug 2020
i, thief, am alive too,
ilo Feb 2020
my foul gaze degrades you
this stare
these blue eyes
they burn you
you quiver

so i prowl
fixating on you
looking desperate
i die, too

music marinated
lauryn hill
corinne bailey rae
bob dylan

my mangy hair whips you like the cat toys of feathers on a string
the static electricity of our touch
flips on addiction
i am an adrenaline ******
a no good drug addict
with a burnt tongue
because nobody knows me
only what they presume
i am the facade

i am foul
there is no hell for me to burn in
that is fictitious
i am a writer?
so the bible is a book and no more

the vagabond
who loves flowers and books
i am trapped by a tree on which I have climbed too high
i must fall
i can die

if i am dead
if i am dead
if i am dead
then i have courage
nothing left to lose
i slit my throat
to honor

i was born during a tornado
quite literally
my energy in this world exploded
so i pray
when i pray
not to god
but to mother nature
and to the tornadoes of this world
my friend is the wind
ilo Jan 2020
Wombat ran

To find it's heart

To find a world

That had fallen apart

Wished for
Longed for
Finally found

Couple more chunks
To the puzzle profound

Glued big pieces

The basic shape

"Look, see: isn't this great?"
ilo Jan 2020
tether me
my tongue
stitched to the roof
i bungee
simple entertainment
for my pocket
with no
glide through air
now i'm
with pocket
of pennies
save them up
3 by 3
buy a ticket
into town
cow tongue
freak ***
no show
in a cave
new mauve
bat babe
plastic face
now poor
tether me
my tongue
once more
  Dec 2019 ilo
Pilar Orozco
Where will I be this time next year?
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