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GaryFairy Sep 2021
I will award one poet with $50 USD via moneygram, paypal, donation to charity of your choice, or any other safe and secure method.

make me

feel something
know something
try something
hate something
love something
accept something
discover something that i am missing

this is not affiliated with any website or organization, but just $50 of my money that I want to share(i have all i need)

i promise i will try not to be prejudiced in any way, and i ask that anyone enter, no matter education level or any other "levels"...the winner will be decided by what moves me, and will have nothing to do with styles, forms, rhyming, etc

i may ask a few to help me verify certain things and if you would like to help me with this big money contest just msg me here. I may decide on having more winners, but the 50 dollar top prize is for sure(barring i don't die)

You will also win my prestigious Future Poet Award(a piece of paper?) Even if you hate me, you can get my money! Anyone who enters is a winner and i will post poems on my FB poetry page(BIGTIME). Contest ends November !st and payout will be within 10 days after contest ends. This is for real! Don't miss out on MONEY.

no cheating!
Steve Page Aug 2019
there's said to be some merit in me
and there's something to be said about mine
but please never let it be taught
and please never have it headlined
that I've ever done any of this
but with measured and deliberate thought
or time consuming and considered design
none of this comes easy
little of this goes smooth
we all think ourselves imposters
but some of us have pushed through
so whatever doubts you're having
however steep the climb
take the chances that you're offered
and give yourself some time.
Donward Bughaw Apr 2019
Anong galak sa mukha
ang masabitan ng gintong medalya
at mabigyan ng sertipiko
habang ang pangalan ay tinatawag
sa sira-sirang mikroponong ibig tumutol
sa pagkilala
ng mga huwad na gurong
karamihan ay alipin
nang bulok na sistema ng paaralang
pinanahanan ng mahika-
ng mga baboy at buwaya!

© 2019
Masarap mabuhay nang puno ng mga pagkilala. Subalit, deserve mo ba talaga? O isa na naman itong ilusyong bunga lamang ng mahika.
a M b 3 R Sep 2018
i am just the worst person you could have met
one moment im kind to you
another i talk behind your back
lie to you
be mean to you
im fake
and i know that
yet u don’t
your kind innocent pure soul
YOU think that i am..well good at least
and i don’t want to make you feel upset
but i did eventually
you should start realising that i am bad
i am no good
and you should not talk to me
even if i treated you like the worst
you still continued talking to me
i am the worst
please you don’t deserve to be treated like that
by me.
Salmabanu Hatim May 2018
If I were to choose a statue to be put at Madame Tussauds,
It would Mom's,
Not mine,yours or ours,
Just Mum's.
If I were told to save and harvest
It would be mum's tears,
Silver drops,more precious than diamonds.
Tears she shed's in silence for us.
If I were to give award for best winning receipes,
It would be mum's
Her receipe would always have the special ingredient  called LOVE.
If I were to give an award for endurance,
It would be mum's
If we are sick or in trouble,
She would be prostrate in prayers till we are safe.
The list goes on,
That is a mother and motherhood.
Her day is us, her night is us,
Her UNIVERSE is us.
jas Apr 2018
stay up all night
my eyes are red from crying
ask me how did i sleep
i say, "just fine"

i admit i haven't been alright

its just one of those days
but its everyday
and i never have the urge to change

something inside
its different in me..
no longer alive
i don't even breathe

a prisoner in disguise
a prisoner in my own mind
in my bed full of lies

academy award for the actress I've become
Laz Farrell Feb 2018
I Appreciate the Blaze and the Glory
To Die in Nashville Tennessee
It was a Fluke
But to have come this far
As the focus of much anger
Certainly its been reckless
But this is my way
I never ran at the first sign of Life
* *
For I am Known
For just 42 Words
A would be Superstar
I won and I performed
* *
I'll say it three times
Thank You
Although the Sickness now abides in me
I've left a Soundtrack you can afford
For Future Worlds
I'm not going to miss you
Samantha Feb 2018
I have some pretty unpopular opinions.

Acts of stringing string cheese have always seemed so wrong!
Maybe people say I'm strange because I like some songs.

And that's just the beginning...

Being human, so many think that microwaves pose danger.
I can't imagine why you'd think that radiation's any stranger.
Getting some exposure is sure to not endanger!

Word for wet: "moist?" I don't exactly hate it.
Everyone seems to, though, so I don't bother to debate it.
I don't think that sidewalks are dangerous if they're cracked.
Right! That's not an opinion, it's a cold hard fact.
Definitely, it's a hazard to leave vaccines ignored.
Oops, some disagree! Time to give Darwin Awards.
Can you find the secret sentence? My last three poems should give a hint!
zebra Nov 2017
she had a tattoo
of a duck
on her ***

I ****** the duck*
adult explicit ***
for duck lovers only
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