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Kelsey Dec 2019
I made them laugh
I made them smile
I found my purpose
For a while

But they kept laughing
When I said nothing to chuckle
Then they stared and they pointed
As my knees began to buckle

"But I was useful"
That's what I thought
But a delusional clown
Fits in with naught.
Finding your place in a work setting can be difficult, especially when you're so different from your coworkers.
Laokos Jul 2019
"what, you're too good to say 'good morning' to me?"
     she asks me as she slumps through
     the front doors of work.

     I say,
"you didn't hear me say it back?"
     . . . she didn't.

some people try
     to drag everything
into their own collapsing

     but I brush it off and
               walk away, successfully
          escaping her gravitational

later, minding my own
     ****-stick, she fires another
     "you sure have a chip on your shoulder today,  I'm staying out
     of your way!"

this time I don't
even acknowledge
                         her **** bird trying
                         to land on me,
                                                  just smile right
                                                  through her.

I turn my
head to

the smeared
clouds are
rippling in
a smooth cadence
of anticipation.  

a storm is coming . . .
it's gonna be a good one.
Josephine Zecena Nov 2017
Oh, how my heart aches with such sweet sorrow.
Your presence in these thoughts of mine, bring forth something so sweet.  

Kneeling to inhale a freshly bloomed rose in the break of spring is what you are.
A rose you are my love.
A character I face many times a week.
Oh, how you cause my knees to go weak and my hands shaky.

Oh, what sweet sorrow when for just a moment, your wrists touches mine.
When your fragrance sways my way.
For just a moment, our spirits become aligned.
The same breath is taken from this dream that stands still.
For a moment, it all becomes real.

Then the noise settles in.
The pace surrounding now back in motion.
The cloud my heart rest on vanishes.
Only now hanging from a thread of hopeful thought.
Did he enter into that realm along with me? Or was I alone in my travels?

Oh! But his eyes say so much, yet nothing at all! Can it be all I see is my own reflection in those glossy eyes staring back at me?

- Josephine M. Zeceña
I'll always wonder what might be if we verbally expressed longing for each other
Tim S Sep 2016
I was a hair late.
Those mere hours were enough for her to put me on the back burner,
And move someone else to the front.
I was left wanting, waiting, and waning.

Yes, we will exchange pleasantries,
And even embrace on occasion.
But the embraces will be nothing more than reminders of how platonic I am,
Or how pathetic I've become.

The wayside by which I stand cannot be overcome by merely remaining hopeful.
Yet, the time for action has passed.
Though I still pine like the ghost of Neruda.
This is about a coworker I developed some feelings for. I said nothing for months. I finally did and she let me down very easy. Nice gal. Still friends to this day. Though, we got together for one night after this.
Alyanne Cooper Jul 2014
Human incompetence,
Lack of common sense,
Absolute inconsideration,
Selfish abandoning of responsibility--

These will be the end of me.

— The End —