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Empress Asa Mar 16
I'am not used to you..
We not used to be together..
I'am used to being alone..
I'am getting used to him..
Empress Asa Mar 14
Day by day the rules has changed..
When the words false it's mean nothing..
The mission always same..
But the ways are different..

This is not mission impossible..
This is mission unpredictable..

How could the mission changes the rules..
Everyone didn't understand..
The way we look are different..
We have our eyes to be understood..
We have glasses to fill it full..
We have our opinion..

The mission didn't change..
But our mind are changes..

Let happens will be happened..
With all the happiness in the past..
With all the sorrow in the present..
With all the kindness in the future..

We are didn't change..
Our minds take the control..
The way we look..
The way we see..
The way we think..
The way we feel..

Hope everything gonna be alright in the end..
Empress Asa Mar 11
It's more easier to choose,
If there is no choice
Empress Asa Mar 10
Need something to convince my self..
No one come to convince me..
Then I should waiting something..
One more dream is enough...
Empress Asa Mar 9
Bagaimana kita bisa siap membina rumah tangga, jika mengungkapkannya saja belum berani..
Empress Asa Mar 9
Two weeks before the days..
The days that I really don't know what kind of things could happens..
The things that I don't even imagine that..

May the day will be the good day..
Hope everything is well..
Wish I got the gifts from heaven..
Empress Asa Mar 8
The one who will give me the food is him, not you...
Even though it was just a dream..

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