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lua May 2020
the sun goes by, and it sets
as we lie and ruminate
in empty rooms inside our heads
and the days come late
while the nights draw near
we run in circles on the hands of fate
as we eat our fears
one by one
the moon goes by, and it sets
the days are gone
nothing but whispered threats
but we draw blood
and it drips
on soil and mud
during crashed road trips
to a destination that dies
as we grow close
and it splits,
RL Glassman Apr 2017
I fall
Into Rumination
The thoughts are constant
Buzzing of words
Stinging of fears
I fall
Away from here

I am gone
Into Repetition
The whispers are present
Volume of shouts
Burning of calls
I fall
I fall
I land
Into Rumination
Can't. Stop.

Wes Noneya Feb 2017
Even in the darkest night
With winds cold kiss that tempest that batters
I would find or make shelter and light
To ruminate on all that matters

Of want and needs
Of those that do and don't
Of good and bad deeds
Of those that will and won't

Of death decay growth and life
Of joy and sorrow
Of triumph and strife
Of hope on the morrow

Of dew on a blade of grass
Of sunlight through trees
Of critical mass
Of conversations and the flight of bees

~Wes Noneya ©
K Balachandran Dec 2016
She lifted me, a feather glided down
from somewhere,lying on the sand,orphaned,
for eons that coiled like a serpent,to escape cold.
She made me feel as the warm part of her wing,
beating in unison,jubilantly on an onward  journey,
to luminous eternity...your abode,in timeless bliss,
that appears in my every single near!

— The End —